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Ridiculous Republican Rudeness

Republicans are already off on the wrong foot with their newfound power, deciding to disrespect President Obama in a manner that is bad for the country, and bad for them.

The GOP is already showing that it’s forgetting the lessons of 1994, which demonstrated that in a crunch, the country rallies to the president, not to Congress. By showing him the finger, they are on a path of confrontation that will do great harm.

First we had Senate Minority Leader’s Mitch McConnell’s contention that “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

This is not the top priority of the American people. Their top priority is fixing the economy, and if the GOP is perceived as intransigent – and White House replaying of this statement will assist in such perception management – it will harm McConnell’s party.

Mcconnell boehner cantor cartoonBut what’s more, fixing the economy SHOULD BE McCONNELL’S TOP PRIORITY TOO. There is massive suffering out there. People don’t want to wait two years. Having no relationship with the president isn’t going to help get something done to move things along, and “something” could be McConnell’s own economic agenda.

Of course, everyone knows Republicans want Obama to be a one-term president. But it’s NOT ALRIGHT for Republican leaders to say it’s their top priority. The country needs to function. There may be a crisis where McConnell and Obama have to work together. Having a GOP leader be so explicit about his hatred for the president of the United States is bad for the nation.

Next up was the sorry spectacle of Republican leaders canceling a meeting with the president because they were just too busy right now, thank you very much. Not only is this the wrong way to treat a president, but it allowed the White House to make the right PR move and take the classy high road, declining to even question Republicans’ motives while letting observers draw the obvious conclusion.

Amid such maneuverings, it’s hard not to question how much politics entered into the decision by Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), the Republican point man on the START treaty, to say he wants the measure considered next year, when he will have several more GOP colleagues in the Senate. Kyl has been talking to the White House for a year, and they’ve been responding to his concerns. Absent politics, his move looks pretty odd.

Republicans must at least enter this next year with a spirit of cooperation. Otherwise, they might as well renominate Bob Dole, because Obama may well rise again.

11 Responses to Ridiculous Republican Rudeness

  1. This is way to inside the beltway. The American people have never heard of McConnell, Boehner or Kyl. They have no idea about the postponed meeting which seemed to me a good idea. Republicans can’t fix the economy with Obama’s veto power, however, he can further destroy it with cap and trade etc. McConnell is right.

  2. The one thing they see I agree with is that his idea of cooperation is for them to meekly submit ideas for him to dismiss. To me, cooperation is win some, lose some–some get their way, then the other side does. But maybe they need to be more pass-ag instead of ag-ag. It would play better.

    • I think they can get some of the stuff done that will help the economy – a good deal on the tax cuts, for example. Republicans should play for an improving economy, because they will get some credit, it’s a good thing to do, and Obama is still perceived as too far left by the population – that’s going to be an Achillles heel no matter what happens with the economy.

      • Right – I was mistaken to mention people who read political websites, it’s not what you meant.

        But, I don’t know Janice, 46 percent of the population – about 150 million – that’s a lot of people living inside the Beltway! No wonder I’m always stuck in traffic . . . The percentage must be higher among voters. I think people pay attention more than we newsaholics assume, especially with the popularity of cable news.

  3. People are human and I think a little spank on the pants for Obama from the Republicans is only natural.

    But you’re right that from this moment on there has to be focus on the economy.

    One quick way to create jobs would be to deport millions of illegal aliens.

  4. One day the WH announced that the Prez was having the Congressional leaders over for dinner but someone forgot to actually invite the dinner guests. It must have seemed to the leaders that the Prez was commanding them to be at his dinner table. The leaders rightfully declined but asked for a more convienent dinner date, the WH agreed.
    The WH was trying to pull off a bush-league political stunt.

    Of course the Repubs want MrO to be a ‘one and done’; they believe that alone will cause the economy to improve and will keep our debt from increasing to and above the moon. Of course, it won’t, but it sounds good.
    They’re all afraid for their super-duper jobs, so they pander to the voters with political-speak pretending they alone have the answer.

    MrKyl, a fine Arizonan, hasn’t stopped MrReid, the big hoo-ha in the Senate, from doing anything concerning the passage of the START treaty. MrKyl is among the minority in the Senate. He has stated that they’d like to give it some consideration and thought before they cast votes on this treaty that’s been sitting on someone’s desk for months. MrsClinton was asked yesterday if there was an urgency to the treaty’s passage and she was vaguely non-committal. She may have been holding back on the NKorean intel.
    Now that news of NKorea’s new uranium-enriching capabilities have come to light, the US might want to think twice about lowering our nuclear stash.

    I do agree that game time is over. If they don’t keep the entire Bush tax plan in place, people who make more than $250K will suddenly find themselves short of enough money to pay their mortgages and other continuing debts. The whole congress has to disengage and repeal the crippling regulations on businesses that make expansion too expensive.

  5. Childish is more like it.

    REGARDLESS of how you feel about The President, you GO WHEN CALLED ON, to the steps of the White House to entertain what he has to say and to accept is Christmas Greetings … even if it is done in bad faith (which I beleive most Obama WH protocol is).

    HUMILITY dammit! Humility!