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World Leader Small Talk

How’s the wife, the kids? From the pool report on the meeting between President Obama and Afghanistan President Karzai. One POTUS aside reflects his state of mind. From pool reports.

POTUS asked, “How’s your family?” Karzai said “Good” and a bit more.
Karzai told POTUS his remarks at the Afghanistan session “set the tone right for the whole meeting.” POTUS said he appreciated it . . . and added, “That was my goal. Every once in a while, I do things right” . . . and Karzai replied, “I meant it.”
He asked about POTUS’s departure and Obama said he’d fly out at 7:30. Karzai said he’d be longer, until about 9.

5 Responses to World Leader Small Talk

  1. Sure, ask about the Karzai family, why not. There’s not much else you can say to the leader of the country you’re currently decimating with drones, tanks, and all the boots on the ground you have available.
    But, but…did Karzai ask about Obama’s family? probably not.

    After the POTUS leaves in his polluting limo and flies off in his cabon-eating plane, CrazyKarzai will explain to his fellow Muslims that he didn’t mean a thing he said to MrO and they should continue with their secret plans.

  2. “What about the compliments?” “My folks never thank me” and now ” “Every once in a while, I do things right”. Let’s throw him a pity party.

    Is it too cold for golf today?

    My own take on the TSA pat-down:

    The song is so beautiful. I found it on You Tube. it sounds like it comes from a Disney movie but I never heard it before.