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Trump: Obama is Over His Head

In an interview with MSNBC, business and cultural phenomenom Donald Trump today said President Obama was “totally over his head” and bad for American business.

Trump suggested someone else who might make a better president – him – and acknowledged that he is considering a run as a Republican. Only thing is, he might be too busy buying real estate. “It’s a great time to buy things right now,” he noted.

5 thoughts on “Trump: Obama is Over His Head”

  1. I heard the actual program on CNBC when he was asked if he would run and The Donald said he just may. He speaks like a New Yorker and he’s pretty blunt on certain things; he’s the first that I know of, that has come out directly on t.v. and called Obama “anti-business.”

    The Donald will run. The Donald has to run.

    Once TD makes the decision, the IRS will then move in and audit his empire and no telling what they will find …

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