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Palin: I Could Beat Obama

Sarah Palin tells ABC’s Baba Wawa that she’s not only seriously considerin’ runnin’ for president, but that she thinks she can beat Obama.

“I believe so,” she told Baba, when asked. ABC released an excerpt, and the full interview will air December 9. Why ABC would keep an interview with Palin in the can for three weeks is anybody’s guess.

But the New York Times has a profile on the web of Palin that will also appear in its Sunday magazine. In it, she also says she’s considering running for president.

I know some of you disagree, but she is SO RUNNING. She wouldn’t be doing all this deliberatin’ in public. Politicians who think they have a chance to be president CAN’T HELP IT. They say they care deeply about their families and are agonizing and that the families come first and yadayadayada and then THEY RUN.

And after Clinton’s womanizing and Obama’s consorting with all kinds of questionable characters in Chicago, the skeletons in the closet have to be really scary looking to prevent a run.

Is she really going to spend the rest of her life commenting on Fox and writing Facebook posts? No way.

6 Responses to Palin: I Could Beat Obama

  1. Are you kidding? the MSM vetted every inch of her closet ’til there aren’t even any dust bunnies left. The famous/notorious author who moved in next door to the Palins probably has all the info on their BBQ preferences and recordings/video of the young Palins playing outside their home.

    She is NOT running, nor is ol’Newt. They are keeping themselves in the game for political leverage or a promise of some future political appointment should the Repubs win the WhiteHouse. They’re also busy making money with book sales and public appearances.

    I’ll bet you a million dollars and a “I told you so” that she’s NOT running.

  2. I hope with all my heart you are right, SrDem. I could not stand yrs of my gender being denigrated, insulted, disparaged, and even criticized (remember that old Richard Daley quote?). I like her, I like how she saw things wrong in Alaska and got in there and ran for office. She doesn’t let anything bother her–and I let EVERYTHING bother me! But do I want to hear all the mean, stupid stuff…no.

  3. I’ve never seen a candidate like Sarah Palin before. She is braver than male Republicans because she goes after the liberal-Marxist media, uses Twitter/Facebook/Fox as a way to promote her position(s) and has generated a hell of a lot of buzz. She will run (srdem I will take that bet) but I dont think she’ll win the primary.

    My prediction:

    2012 President: Haley Barbour (R) or Donald Trump (I)
    2012 Vice President: Marco Rubio (R) or John Thune (R)