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Gibbs: Obama Supports Ban on Earmarks

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters today that, indeed, President Obama does support a complete ban on earmarking, not just a partial rollback. In an earlier post on earmarks, I had noted that his position did not seem clear from his own statements.

Republican leaders are banning the practice within their caucuses. We’ll see how hard the president pushes Pelosi and Reid, who want to continue earmarking, to cut it out too.

One Response to Gibbs: Obama Supports Ban on Earmarks

  1. Really? huh.
    Is this “you(Repubs) give me my tax on jillionaires and I’ll give you your ban on earmarks”? MrsPelosi and some other Dems don’t want to give up the earmarks, so they say. DCBob should be careful what he says, MrsPelosi is a mean lady.