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Carville: Obama Could Use One of Hillary’s Balls

That’s what he said. At breakfast today. With reporters.

“If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he’d have two,” is the exact quote from the Democratic strategist.

Carville, who dropped into the United States from outer space many years ago, has been sore at Obama for his response to the Gulf Oil spill. After arriving on earth, Carvillle made his home in New Orleans, and they city’s various plights and the failure of various presidents to act quickly to assist the city have been making him really mad.

And he presumably is not happy with Obama’s role in the Election Day decimation of Democrats.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs today avoided comment on the issue. Obama’s full medical records have not been released, but there has been no suggestion from any doctors that he possesses one testicle.

It’s not clear how many balls males possess on the planet where Carville originated.

3 Responses to Carville: Obama Could Use One of Hillary’s Balls

  1. This is so terrible. MrCarville’s mind must have been affected by some swamp gas fumes down in LA. He manages to insult not only MrO but MrsClinton at the same time, with the same insult.

    MrChubbyMoore claims the Prez wears a “pink tutu” and now, MrCarville questions his manhood. In public. Out loud. The Dems have gone from a firing squad circle to a slash and burn massacre.
    The “death of a thousand cuts” continues.

  2. My how times changed.

    Obama is no longer the Messiah but is now being attacked (for the first time) openly by Democrats. Sen. Bill Nelson viciously attacked Obama in the “raucus caucus” yesterday a day after Carville made his off color comments. More is coming.

    The electorate voted for a thundering, electric, Caesar who would ride into Washington in an electric car and change the world. The veil has been lifted and America now see’s (many for the first time), what they bought: a professorial, slow, ignorant, conceeded politician.

    Nelson and Carville are the beginning. Liberals of all stripes (especially the liberal-Marxists and liberal-Fascists) are turning against him.

    Obama is done. He’s cooked.

    Hillary will step down next year and run … and when that happens James Carville will wet himself.