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The Top Ten New Indignities for Obama

Oh the pain, post-election 2010, to be President Obama! The lack of respect is resounding.

Fresh from his Insult Tour of Asia, where world leaders ostentatiously declined to bow to his will, Obama returned home to a thorough dissing from Republicans, who are shelving his plans for the lame duck Congress.

Republican leaders have decided to postpone Thursday’s bipartisan leadership meeting with the prez until Nov. 30.

The excuse? Too much other important stuff to do this week.

Meanwhile, Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), who seems to be the only Republican who knows what’s in the START treaty, announced that he’ll need until next year to figure out how much damage the thing will do the America’s nuclear posture.

And that’s just the start of the presidential put-downs. White House Dossier has uncovered the top ten other new indignities he must suffer. Here they are:

1. Golfing companions will no longer let him hit from the ladies’ tee.

2. No more meals on Air Force One flights shorter than two hours.

3. “Hail to the Chief” to be replaced by Herman and the Hermit’s “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter.”

4. Must carry the nuclear football himself.

5. Must bow and say “Top of the day to you” when grandma Robinson enters the room.

6. Forced not only to have lunch with Biden but to listen to him.

7. Blue Room to be converted into ice cream parlor for Michelle.

8. Presidential limo to be replaced Ford Taurus.

9. Netanyahu allowed to build settlements on the South Lawn.

10. Must start taking responsibility for his actions.

9 Responses to The Top Ten New Indignities for Obama

  1. When you go to the WH, be alert for objects being thrown out of the Oval Office. I’m thinking the ever-present bowl of apples would be perfect projectiles for anger management.

    I’ve already had my ticket validated for a trip to Hell, so it doesn’t make any difference if I rejoice in the notion of “payback’s a bitch” now going on in DC.
    MrO should have seen this coming.

  2. We can also add:
    MrsPalin’s daughter keeps winning the dancing contest despite being an “unwed mother, conservative Christian, unwilling to wear ‘sexy’ outfits and MrsPalin’s daughter”.
    MrsPelosi has kept her position and will once again be the ‘face’ of the Dems.
    MrKyl, from the hated state of Arizona, refuses to put the START treaty up for a vote.
    MrsO is demanding to know what she’s supposed to do for the next two years and that she has no plans to live ‘above the store’ for the next 6 years.