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Obama: I Didn’t Have Time to be a Good President

I gotta tell you, if my kid came up with this one, I’d send him straight to his room.

“Excuse me, you didn’t HAVE TIME to do what you promised? Go upstairs. NOW!”

Check out President Obama’s comments to the press pool yesterday aboard Air Force One as it ferried him back to Washington from his ten-day Asia trip.

As I said in the press conference the day after the election, I spent the first two years trying to get policy right based on my best judgment about how we were going to deal with the short-term crisis and how we were going to retool to compete in this new global economy.

In that obsessive focus on policy, I neglected some things that matter a lot to people, and rightly so:  maintaining a bipartisan tone in Washington; dealing with practices like earmarks that are wasteful at a time of — where everybody else is tightening their belts; making sure that the policy decisions that I made were fully debated with the American people and that I was getting out of Washington and spending more time shaping public opinion and being in a conversation with the American people about why I was making the choices I was making.

So I think, moving forward, I’m going to redouble my efforts to go back to some of those first principles.  And the fact that we are out of crisis — although still, obviously, in a difficult time — I think will give me the capacity to do that.

Are you trying to tell me, Mr. President, that YOU DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO VETO BILLS WITH EARMARKS? How, much out of your day would it have taken to say, “Nancy, get the earmarks off the bills or I’ll send them right back.”

Poor President Obama. He was so focused on trying to do good, that he became OBSESSED with doing good, and it got him off track. He just didn’t have the bandwith for bipartisanship or “conversations” with the American people. Or earmarks.

I guess this was also good news for Ahmadinejad and Mullah Omar, since I haven’t seen much Obama OBSESSION with keeping Iran from getting nukes or for galvanizing the American people to support the war in Afghanistan.

Maybe that’s why Obama is kicking and screaming to get out of Afghanistan by setting withdrawal dates, so he can PURSUE HIS OTHER OBSESSIONS.

Geez, I only hope that the president can start leading a more balanced life, eating healthier, experiencing spiritual growth, and so forth. If anyone can recommend some good self-help books that may assist the president, I would be grateful, and I know he would be too.

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  1. In a bizarre way, he does have a point; it seemed like every time he ‘communicated’ with us it was to trash/bash MrBush or the ‘other side’ as villians in the current crisis or his failure to produce anything productive other than the hated HealthReform.
    When he did take bold action, like the bailouts, there were no explanations of why it was necessary to prop up something like GM or WallStreet. The finance reform bill might as well have been written in Greek and then placed in a secret vault for all the American public knows about it.

    As for being too preoccupied with ‘crisis’ handling, that’s a crock and as lame as his excuse to having to go back to DC to walk Bo, the dog, instead of staying for the $7,500 a plate dinner. We realize he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, the plight of the unemployed on one knee and the lives of our military on the other. If golfing relaxes the Prez, or a game of basketball eases some of the worries, fine. Take a vacation, spend time with the family, relax, have some fun, then get back to work, and quit making excuses or complaining.

    But, pleeeze, MrPrez, don’t leave Washinton to talk to us anymore. Have a regularly scheduled Presser, tell DCBob to answer the press corp’s questions and have some of those special Czars pass out memos to the press explaining what they’re doing to justify their jobs.

    • Good points here …

      The major point here is that Mr. Obama attempted too much, too early with too many objectives; all of which was too liberal. If we forgive all his foibles, shortcomings, etc. (since we all have them), we could probably exclaim: he’s been rejected by the American people because he simply could not convince us of his sincerity. The American people hated Bush, but the people supported Iraq/Afghanistan/GWOT because they BELEIVE he was truthful on that. Mr. Obama RAN on prosecuting the Afghanistan war and now …. can’t even sell the war to the American people.

  2. Get out of Washington??? Surely his tongue was firmly planted in cheek because no president racked up more frequent flier miles than he. Every town meeting began with the phrase “it’s good to be out of the bubble.”

    And if I hear the cliched word “conversation” one more time I’m going to scream. When is the press going to come to terms with the fact the BO isn’t the brightest blub on the planet?

  3. Finally, something TRANSPARENT! TRANSPARENT BS!!! We see right through it… Good grief, what bushwah! He didn’t have time for a conversation? We shouted at him, that nice lady at that meeting said hey, guy, you’re not cutting it. He was concentrated on policy? Really? When was that–during some late-nite meetings with Sebelius or Rahm? Or a Biden lunch? This makes my blood roil and boil!

  4. This reminds me of a JOKE that HR people tell…Some job applicants are asked what their worst weakness is and they say, “I care too much.” Or: “I am too much of a perfectionist.” IT:S A JOKE, however unwitting. Those people get laughs, not jobs.

    • When the most liberal, pro-Marxist, pro-Islamic, anti-Semitic, anti-American president in modern times has lost the support of Krugman (a Kenysian-statist) … Bob’s your uncle …

      It’s starting … the defections from Obama have begun. I predict in six months – the Democratic Party will ask (covertly) that he not run in 2012.

  5. “…how we were going to retool to compete in this new global economy.”

    BO’s foreign economic policy is to dissolve (bankrupt) the US into this ‘new’ global economy. The problem is that every other country has fortified their economic borders to maximize their benefit. So this dufus has put the US in the position to be the high-protein diet for the rest of the world to consume.

    Furthermore, since anti-US sentiment has apparently caved BO into a chronic apology, We can only expect more.

    Time for some parenting.

    Nice worky, lefty.

  6. Is he crazy? Instead of blaming Bush directly, he now blames the pace of having to deal with what Bush did. Two years and this man still doesn’t see that he’s not the outsider any more?

    It never stops getting weirder.

    And suppose he had taken fewer paycayshuns and played less golf — might that have freed up a little time? Say a couple of MONTHS of time?

    • Anonna, good point.

      After the blame-it-all-on-Bush didnt work, the WH then went with “The American people are crazy” before and after the elections. Mr. Obama places blame on everyone except himself.

  7. “And the fact that we are out of crisis — although still, obviously, in a difficult time — I think will give me the capacity to do that.”

    This part was particularly disturbing to me. His own words seem to echo the very sentiment that he says he just discovered… that Americans think he is out of touch! Yet, from this very statement, it sounds like he will continue on with his head in the clouds.

    I reposted this on my blog Keith, along with my commentary on Obama’s statements. I hope you don’t mind.

  8. Bipartisanship?

    Bull puckey.

    Congress was designed for GRIDLOCK; gridlock maintains our freedoms, it requires painful comprimise, anger from the electorate, forceful debate, anger, coercion, deceit, honor, integrity. Its war, really. All thats missing are the rounds.

    The term bipartisanship was a liberal fallacy that means “if you agree with what we think your bipartisan.”

    John McCain is only a “maverick” when he agrees with liberal Democrats. Any Democrat that agrees with a Republican (or a conservative issue) is branded a blue dog and a “sell out.”

    Give me Gridlock any day.

  9. Keith, you are such a tool. You obviously know that earmarks represent less than 0.0001% of our federal budget. Yet you follow the Tea Party line that ending earmarks will lead our nation back to prosperity and enable us to maintain the Bush tax cuts for the top-earning 1%.

    You can only hope to appeal to the uninformed, unintelligent, or unprincipled. There may be enough of those folks out there to keep the folks advertising on your site. But it doesn’t make you any less of a traitor to America.

    • Oh, my. Now I have to update my list with “uninformed, unintelligent, or unprincipled”. At least they all start with the letter “u”.
      After being called a “racist, teabagger, redneck, hater, violence prone, stupid, country club fat cat, bitter clinger, enemy of America, etc.”, I’m starting to get an inferiority complex.