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Obama on the Couch: His Freudian Slips

In my latest POLITICO effort, I talk about how Obama’s own unguarded moments – let’s all say together: “share the wealth!” – have embedded him in voters’ minds as an liberal – even, a leftist – and will trip up the stroll toward the center he will attempt as we head into 2012. Here is the link. Hope you enjoy it.

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  1. The idea that MrO will make a Clinton-like move to the center is probably wishful thinking by the Dems who must run for reelection in 2012.

    MrO’s non-TOTUS remarks mainly reveal who or what he is rather than his ideological bent; first and foremost, the Chicago-way politico who wishes to punish his enemies. He first revealed this punishing mindset when he informed the Repubs in Congress that he “won” and won’t be needing their cooperation in the running of our gov’t.
    When he tried to explain away the massive loss of Dems in the last election, he attributed the voters revolt to lack of understanding and not appreciating his prompt attention to the “crisis”. Read: the voting public is stupid and doesn’t appreciate his greatness.

    The smack-down he got from foreign leaders in Asia, coupled with the shellacking at the polls will not deter the Prez from pushing his agenda, which at this point seems to be giving payback to the Unions and trying to give millions of illegal aliens the right to vote in 2012.

  2. Very good. I think you got most of them.

    There have been a few articles lately on BO’s narcissism that were pretty good. All of them omit this comment which I have on audio. The video of it is from one of the 50 or so town meetings he did. He said, “Sometimes you can fault me for being honest to a fault.” It just slipped out and he had no incite into how it would sound. Actually, when you think of it, BO has no incite into anything.

    I was disappointed that I couldn’t find the audio of his “what no compliments” and thank you complaint to the press in Korea. Without audio or video it might as well not have happened.

    I did a video on BO’s trip with some interesting BO’s remarks a couple of days ago:

  3. Good news and bad news. Good news: Rush just read your article on the radio. The bad news: He panned it and he didn’t mention your name which might be good under the circumstances.

  4. Freudian slip? That’s one way of describing ‘Obamaslips.’ I prefer the description – ‘Scales falling from a reporter’s eyes.”

  5. Your Politico piece is the reason I got to your blog. I thought you really nailed what you wanted to say. Then only addition you might have made was his, “We won” comment to Republicans in Congress.

  6. Wow — anyone can have a blog in 2010.

    Let me get this straight — past presidents never, or rarely, made any Freudian Slips. If they did, it wasn’t damaging to their overall credibility and ability to sway public opinion. Yet somehow, all of the rules have been changed for President Obama. He honestly makes remarks to a plumber who can’t pay his taxes (and doesn’t look to be anywhere close to creating his own plumbing business that would push him into the upper income brackets he’s so certain he’s going to be joining and thusly, having to pay, or not in Joe’s case, all of those extra taxes…) how his policies, if elected, would help to benefit ALL Americans (not just the 2% who need another tax cut like the author needs a hole in his head).

    Obama’s wife remarks during the campaign, how she’s proud of her nation…one that had previously enslaved her people, and once freed, keep them enslaved via Jim Crow laws and racial segregation. Yea, how dare she admit to being ‘proud’ that America seemingly has cast off it’s racial prejudices for half a second to consider her husband for the highest elective office!

    Need I continue knocking down the nonsense in this so-called ‘article’ (as it’s more ‘opinion’ and false opinions at that, than it is a factual piece of reporting)?

    Let me see — well, the term Czar is actually from the days when Russia was ruled by kings and queens! Not exactly the big-bad Socialist Commies Glenn Beck rants about nightly. FYI Glenn and all of his ‘university’ students, the Communist kicked out all of the Czars. Likewise, if you want to blame anyone for the use of the term and staff positions, it would be Republican President Richard M. Nixon who first started putting ‘czars’ in the Federal Government. Point of fact, George W. Bush had more czars in his administration than Obama does.

    I know it’s hard to look up all of these pesky facts while blogging, but it usually helps the author not make a total and complete fool out of himself.

    • Since you’re a stickler for facts, the article is clearly labeled opinion. And Obama has appointed more unconfirmable “czars” than Bush, in just less than two years compared to Bush’s eight.

      The point on Joe the plumber, as stated, was the terminology used, not the policy.

      Also, thanks for the info on Russian Czars, which was otherwise unobtainable.