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China Gives Obama the Finger

In what is shaping up to be the Mother of All Disastrous G-20 Meetings, Chinese President Hu Jintao has not only told President Obama to go fly a kite when it comes to China’s currency, but he is busy lecturing him about the value of the dollar.

Obama’s two year effort to ingratiate the United States with the world community by showing his humility and eagerness for cooperation is being met with predictable contempt by the jackals who run the world’s dictatorships. The president’s failure to lift the U.S. economy and his drubbing in the 2010 midterm elections have no doubt contributed to the disdain.

Xinhua, the Chinese news agency, has been fed the details of Mr. Hu’s dismissal of his American counterpart.

Hu said that China was firmly determined to push forward reform of the exchange rate formation mechanism, but that the reform would have to be carried out in a good external environment and in a gradual manner.

The U.S. should take concrete measures to relax restrictions on high-tech exports to China, Hu said, and provide a fair environment for competition for Chinese enterprises investing in the United States.

The U.S. also should work together with China to push forward the steady and healthy development of the economic and trade ties, he said.

Hu also expressed China’s concern for the policy of quantitive easing the United States is now pursuing, saying that the U.S. should take the interests of emerging and developing countries into consideration when formulating such policies.

The move by China – one of the world’s most abject cheaters on trade and currency issues – to lecture the United States should be met with a firm response from the Obama administration.

I'm sorry sir if I offended you.

China artificially keeps its exchange rate low so it can sell its crap cheaply around the world and force its citizens to save instead of forking over money for our expensive stuff. The government furthermore supports the thievery of our companies’ technology and the copying and piracy of products we try to sell over there.

Obama, in non-diplomatic language clearly translated into Mandarin, needs to tell the Chinese leadership where to stick it.

And don’t worry, they’re not going to ruin our economy. Contrary to popular perceptions, they hold a relataively small percentage of our debt. And anyway, if we go south, they do too. They understand firm language and actions. Goodwill doesn’t get you to the top of the Chinese Communist Party.

9 Responses to China Gives Obama the Finger

  1. If MrO doesn’t see what happened in the last election, the Chinese and other less than friendly nations did and have determined that he lost his base so he is no longer a factor to be considered in foreign affairs.

    If he thought this trip would help restore the luster worn off by a butal, bruising election, he was sadly disappointed. There were no cheering crowds, no triumphant parades down main streets, only quiet meetings with senior officials. Some polite, some not polite, rebuffs for his proposals and he returns to America empty-handed to a populace that rejected his agenda and no longer believes in his competence. .

    • srdem – perfect description of what’s going on here. I think they did believe it would make him look good, but they forgot about the substance, where he’s failing, and the press is duly noting it.

  2. SOB!

    I saw the picture with the article and now I am so damned mad, I can’t comment.

    Liberals: THANKS for electing a lactating, debilitated, truncated, un-sophisticated, WUSSY. President Barack Obama is simply a weak sister. Thanks for electing this fraud.

    HE BOWS TO JU JINTAO? Another g-d bow? For f—- sake.

    I realize now, more than ever before, that Obama is anti-American. His job is ostensably to turn us into a third-world nation, which would then fulfill his goal of having America suffer for the sins of past colonialism and wars.

    I WILL VOTE IN 2012 for anyone and anything other than this fraud.

  3. JE,

    Good point: “Strong handshake and eye contact.”

    That’s the old Texas way of doing business; you seal the meeting with a STRONG, FIRM handshake while you look your opposite dead in the eye. That dance signals “we agree.” Your word is your bond. Old West idealism … which is nothing more than gritty, rough-and-tumble Americanism.

    Obama’s handshake? Like a fish. He refuses to look foreign leaders in the eye, bows and never speaks forcefully. In short, he’s weak. And foreign leaders, especially the Asians, can sense it from a mile away. The Arabs are very similar as they REQUIRE a foreign leader to be strong when they arrive in a muslim country; not so with Obama: he’s a bloody pushover. He even refused to look the students in the eye who asked questions in India.

    A close friend who served in the military in various special forces assignments once told me: “When the Arabs push you, THEY EXPECT YOU to hit them back. It’s standard political fare: you must project strength. If you don’t – you are considered a homosexual. Feminine. A reject. Less than a man. Obama, in many quarters in the Arab world is held in this esteem, which is tragic.”

    • It’s true there and in much of the world outside Europe. If you don’t kick someone in the ass, the won’t like or respect you. Europe of course has moved beyond feminization. It’s been spayed and neutered.

  4. Dont forget who were dealing with: over 65,000,000 Chinese and Chinese minorites were shot, gassed, hung, tortured and starved to death by Mao’s Communists from 1945-1980 which the Guinness Book of World Records calls the greatest loss of human life in so short a span.

    The power brokers in China remains the military — not the Communist Party. If the army decides that its had enough capitalism, look for another series of Tiannamen Square-style events to take place.