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New Signs that Palin is Running for President

I thought you might want to see this video of Sarah Palin speaking at a Christian school in Pennsylvania. There are several hints in here that she is moving toward running for president, something she will have to decide on in the next couple of months, if she hasn’t decided already.

The first is the most obvious, you’ll pick it up right away in the video. The second is her implicit criticism of Michelle Obama’s fat kids’ butts campaign and the clear contrast she makes between having parents – i.e. the private sector – solve a problem, versus letting government – i.e. Mrs. Obama – intervene.

The final hint is her mention of Fed monetary policy. She’s waded this week into the debate over Bernake’s decision to boost the economy by printing hundreds of billions of dollars, offering criticism that has been taken seriously in serious places like the Wall Street Journal, which recently ran the headline to the effect of, “Palin vs. Bernanke.” The decision to have her jump in with something significant to say about “quantitative easing” has been a huge PR coup for her, and the beginning of an attempt to recast her image.

Interestingly, she’s making no effort to assume a pose of gravitas, speaking with the same natural charm and humor she did at the 2008 GOP convention. It’s always good when candidates appear genuine and when their image counselors let them be themselves. She should not try to be something she’s not. But whether someone with her manner is what voters will want in a world with so many perils is unclear to me.

She in all likelihood will run because of the Obama Principle, which says that: No matter what, if you have a chance to be president, go for it. If she waits, she faces the possibility of a different Republican president, possibly in office for eight years, and then the coronation of his VP in the 2020 Republican primaries. So, 2024 would be quite a long time for her to wait.

And what does she gain by waiting? She’s not going to run for any other political office at this point. And her popularity and visibility are not going to get any higher. She’ll run.

3 Responses to New Signs that Palin is Running for President

  1. MrsPalin is a political power-house with a national reputation for backing winners. The second Senate seat in Alaska up in 2012, maybe.
    President, no.
    She won’t run.

  2. As I have said, I admire her and like to hear what she has to say, but would have to kill myself if she runs–all the stupid comments from others… I saw that Pawlenty on Baer–OMG, human Sominex.