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Obama on Deficit Commission Proposal: “Golly!”

President Obama, who has been practically daring Republicans not to take seriously the upcoming report by his bipartisan debt reduction commission, got real careful today after the commission’s co-chairs – former Clinton Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles and RINO former Sen. Alan Simpson – put out a draft plan that WOULD ELIMINATE EVERY POPULAR TAX BREAK IN TOWN.

Here’s the statement from the White House

“The President will wait until the bipartisan fiscal commission finishes its work before commenting. He respects the challenging task that the Co-Chairs and the Commissioners are undertaking and wants to give them space to work on it. These ideas, however, are only a step in the process towards coming up with a set of recommendations and the President looks forward to reviewing their final product early next month,” said White House spokesperson, Bill Burton.

Here’s the translation:

“We’ll let this trial balloon float and see if it pops, but in the meantime we’ll get about as close to it as we would a stinky steaming pile of fresh manure,” said White House spokesperson Bill Burton

This proposal is such a non-starter, such an obvious way for politicians to AVOID GETTING REELECTED, that I hope you have a good laugh as you read through the following provisions.

The plan would:

End the mortgage tax break for home equity loans, second homes, and mortgages over $500,000;

Cut the federal workforce by 10 percent while freezing its pay for three years (please remember that the AFSCME, the government employees union, is the top outside spender for Democrats);

Reduce farm subsidies (please remember the presidential primaries start in Iowa, thank you);

Raise the Social Security retirement age to 69 while taxing the benefits of wealthier seniors;

Slash defense spending while the country is fighting two regular wars and the war on terrorism, and;

Raise the gasoline tax by 15 cents a gallon in 2013;


Now THAT’S funny stuff. Simpson’s always been kind of humorous in his laconic Western way, but I never took Bowles for such a comedian until I saw this. Thanks guys.

2 Responses to Obama on Deficit Commission Proposal: “Golly!”

  1. Sure. Pick on the old people first.
    HEY! We paid for 40+ years into SS and’s not an entitlement like welfare. If the gov’t doesn’t want to give us our montly checks then give us all back what we paid over the years, adjusted for inflation and interest compounded. About $1,500,000 per person. Write the checks and we’ll call it quits with the Feds.

    Do away with all the machinery and make the military ride horses. We’re only fighting goat-herders and it’s hard to hide an IED on a horse.

  2. SrDem, as usual–great comment. Yes, just give me the cash back. I cried sometimes writing that FICA check–I have been self-employed, if you want to call it that, for 30 of the 46 yrs I paid in. I still pay on it! Some of these suggestions on SS don’t even come into effect for decades, though…what do you make of that? As for the mortgage deduction–you need to have taxable income to use it–people are getting broker…or is it just AZ? I sometimes think I am getting a skewed view out here…that everyplace else (maybe not the giant Rust Belt) is doing OK.