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George W. Bush Resurfaces

George W. Bush is back, with his autobiography, “Decision Points,” in hand. His performance in an interview with Matt Lauer, a portion of which you can see below, is getting some dismissive reviews, of course, from journalists who never liked him anyway and seemed shocked that he thinks he did a good job as president.

Bush says he hope history will judge him well, but remarks that by the time it does, he will be dead.

Well, the odds are stacked against him on both counts.

The people who write the last draft of history – the historians – have the same liberal leanings of the people who write the first – reporters.

And given the role of genetics in longevity, Bush, with two octagenarian parents, might just be around for some of the latter drafts.

4 Responses to George W. Bush Resurfaces

  1. LOL. I agree with JE. Watching Bushy ramble on is sort of like an old friend, well, not friend, but someone you have met before. Easier to listen to than Mr Uh Uh Uh…. Yet, I too seem to suffer from the new American disease of no money–sitting on a dining chair, hard, hard, my desk chair broke… While Obama capers around the far east dancing and posing and blasting Israel (and, I notice, extending our stay in Afghanistan–which will gladden some of you but not me!), I am wondering if my kid will get the Dunkin’ Donuts job and I can snag a new magazine client. All from a hard wooden chair–does it bring a tear to your eye, like Abe Lincoln and the fire light? No? Well, pooey.