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Video: Gibbs Goes to Bat for U.S. Press in India

Here’s footage of White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs trying to make sure the U.S. press pool gets in to see Obama and the Indian PM. I do dig the absurdly obsequious Indian security dude, trying to suppress the urge to take out his Kalashnikov and obliterate the American reporting contingent.

Indian security had tried to limit the number of U.S. reporters allowed into the event to five instead of eight. So Gibbs threatened to pull the president out of the meeting and literally put his foot in the door to stop the Indians from closing it on the Americans, though this is not shown in the video.

6 thoughts on “Video: Gibbs Goes to Bat for U.S. Press in India”

  1. I love the Indians, and I appreciate their anti-Islamofascist zeal in going after the Paki-backed Al Queda cells … while President Irrelevant chose to (again) sidestep a question about world-wide Muslim support of totalitarian Jihad. There is a high point so far for the WH: Robert Gibbs did his job: he got the pool in, regardless of the zealous Indian Security staff and did it, from what I could tell (based upon the video) without loosing his cool.

  2. DCBob = “my guys”. The Press Secretary claims to have the power to remove the POTUS from an important international meeting if he doesn’t get what he wants. What would DCBob say, “Hey, Barry, let’s go. This meeting is over, the ragheads won’t let all of ‘my guys’ in the room”?
    Chicago-way politics, sure to make friends in America and ’round the world.
    Meanwhile the English-language Indian press is making light of the O’s visit and reports of slights and insults to the Indian populace.

  3. Keith — is it true that the press choose not to accompany Obama on his trip to his hometown and hometown mosque? Why would they do this?

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