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Obama Administration Begins Death Panels

There are, in Washington, THE THINGS EVERYBODY KNOWS.

EVERYBODY KNOWS,  for example, that the Tea Partiers are a bunch of right wing boobs. You cannot, in polite conversation in the nation’s capital, say something like, “Wow, that was a really good idea those Tea Party people had.”

You will be laughed right out of the room. Washingtonians did not have their parents pay for elite East Coast university educations only to have to listen to nonsense from the common-sense crowd in the hinterland.

EVERYBODY ALSO KNOWS that Sarah Palin was just being her usual idiot self when she talked about Obamacare leading to Death Panels. Her assertion is dismissed out of hand in mainstream – supposedly neutral – news reporting as wrongheaded hyperbole.

I have never understood why this occurs, other than that the statement is coming from Sarah Palin and that it makes Obamacare sound like it might be a little scary.

But the logic is very simple. Under the health reform law, the government will have extraordinary new control over health insurers. The companies will be heavily regulated and restricted in their ability to raise rates, even as they are forced to cover everyone and drop no one and provide a variety of mandatory benefits.

To stay in business, they will have to cut costs.  And where is the best place to cut costs? END OF LIFE CARE. And who will decide what is appropriate end of life care? DEATH PANELS.

Or something equivalent.

So I hope you are not shocked to read in the Washington Post that Donald Berwick, the new Medicare chief, is considering withholding payment for Provenge, an expensive new prostate cancer vaccine that would extend life for terminal patients by a median of four months.

In the world of terminal cancer treatment, taking exceptional steps to extend life for a median of four months is a quite unexceptional thing to do. It’s considered successful treatment. It also means that some patients will live quite a bit longer.

It is not customary for Medicare to include cost considerations in making such a ruling, according to the Post. Berwick’s decision the consider cost is groundbreaking and has consequences for all of the health care market, beyond Medicare. Insurers take their cue from Medicare. If the feds ain’t paying, Aetna ain’t paying.

But Donald Berwick, you will remember, is not your ordinary Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Chief.

Before Donald Berwick goes to sleep every night, he says a prayer thanking The Lord for the British health care system.

Obama and Berwick decided in July that it was so important for him to get right to work that he couldn’t possibly be subject to annoying questions about his views from the Senate. So Obama installed him by recess appointment.

Among the uncomfortable quotes senators might have wanted to have discussed with Berwick:

The decision is not whether or not we will ration care – the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.


Any health care funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized and humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.

Berwick, in keeping with his preference for avoiding scrutiny while doing what HE KNOWS  is best, declined to comment to the Post.

6 thoughts on “Obama Administration Begins Death Panels”

  1. Let’s look at what a death panel proposes, not just to us old geezers but the the public at large.
    What some seem to overlook is that ‘death panels’ will also operate for the young when dealing with expensive or terminal illness. If your child is born with a congential, maybe genetic, condition, will it be economically feasible to spend health care dollars to prolong their lives for months, years?
    That someone with a calculator will decide whether your 10yr old deserves some expensive treatment for cancer to possibly prolong their life a short 5 years is obscene and a possiblility. There will be denials made to prolonging the lives of the mentally disabled, the severly burned, the blind/deaf or paraplegic sufferers who will require life-long care. Horrors of Nazi-inspired memories come to mind.

    Letting a faceless Federal employee decide that prolonging your or your child’s life when another deserves it more, is the ultimate goal in wealth re-distribution.

    As for MrsPalin/tea party supporters, eh, let the priviledged think what they want. Just as the MSM and Press talk only to each other, form opinions on what the others might think about an issue, the elites do the same.
    To ignore what just happened, pretend we’re too stupid to get it, tell each other we’re programmed by some shadowy right-wing jillionaire and the result will be that the next election will look like Repeat 2.0.

  2. I am not suprised at all.

    The elite, liberal, Marxist, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic filth that will be making these decisions are no more different than the Nazi Sonderkommando choosing who lives and who goes to Auschwitz to be gassed. No different at all. One is based upon a Marxist (read: totalitarian) model of re-defined governmental “options” that decide who gets medicine to live and who will, “die quickly” in Alan Grayson’s verbage. The other simply shoots you out of hand.

    President Irrelevant was schooled in totalitarian thinking at Harvard and Columbia; he is joined by millions of Marxist-Liberals who have redefined what government is expected to do (by Constitutional writ) vs what it will now execute (by Vladmadir Lenin). What else would he do? Who else would he appoint but this Mengele-style doktor? Lenin predicted that for the “revolution to be successful” at least “20% of the populace” must be “eradicated.”

    In 2003, when I lived in Seattle, Washington I watched an anti-Iraq War “Peace March” wind its way through downtown. Several students from the University of Washington were carrying an Israeli Flag with a giant Nazi Swastika sprayed painted on it, marching down from Capital Hill (the gay area of Seattle) chanting the most DISGUSTING ANTI-SEMITIC filth I have ever heard. They also carried large posters of Mao, Lenin and the AIDS-afflicted, pedophile-terrorist Yassir Arafat. One student carried a sign that caught my attention. On the posterboard, it said: “Hitler should have finished the job.”

    Obama will later state, when confronted by the media (and after the death of thousands of sick elderly), “I was only following orders.”

  3. no one surprised? not me always knew that if given a chance this administration would do something like this. can you think of a better way to remove one enemies , to reduce the surface population for the tree huggers that want to kill two thirds of the people on earth in an effort to save the planet we have destroyed.
    barry the obamanation is our savior and our doom

    1. As *CRAZY* as this may sound, I ACTUALLY believe that the left-wing in this country would exterminate the right if they had the chance. The hatred the left holds for freedom, those of faith or those who reject their Marxist beliefs is not lost on me. In the darkest parts of their mind they have slowly accepted the butchery accomplished by the Soviets and Chinese in which nearly 100,000,000 human beings have been exterminated since the first shot was fired in anger during the Russian Revolution of ’17. If you dont beleive me … watch the video footage from left-wing protests; look at the posters, look at the organizations, do a google search. Al Queda is right here in America.

  4. Don’t forget the “science” of comparative effectiveness–how “studies” will determine which treatments “work” and might be reimbursed and which don’t and won’t…over time, gradually. There was a story going the rounds the other day about how doctors can “tell” if you are a good surgical risk by by how spritely you are shaking hands, walking 15 feet or bounding onto that exam table. Be sure, the next time you go to the doc, that you make a point of being spritely as hell, if you can. I can’t always so enjoy me while you can.

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