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The Obamas Dance With Kids in India

She was game, or at least realized she had to do it. He resisted admirably, until it became clear that further resistance would look rude or seem cowardly.

And, how to say this politely? She has clearly not been following her own advice with respect to eating.

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6 Responses to The Obamas Dance With Kids in India

  1. How graciously indirectly have you said that Michelle Antoinette looks like a “form and volume” demonstration in a drawing class.

    I don’t understand why the MO&BO Show had to go to India to sign these contracts. My suspicion is that he’s setting up contacts for his “Post-Presidential Apology Career” once he leaves the White House. Will MO still be with him? Will she be able to give up being an international center of attention? Or will playing second fiddle to BO lead her to divorce him and create her own career of international embarrassment to the U.S.?

  2. MrsO must not have access to a full length mirror or just doesn’t care.
    The eat-your-arugula, FatKidsBehinds program was all a sham to promote the SEIU’s agenda to pump up their union rolls with the cafeteria ladies and to help certain grocery business’ get federal grants to locate in the ill-defined “desert food areas”.

    Nothing seems to be what it seems with our FirstFamily.

  3. Darn that PhotoShop–doesn’t work on video… I noticed that her dress was not a flattering style…where is Joan Rivers when you need her…

    As for those trade agreements–what do you want to bet we are the net loser…

  4. Stop press.

    I thought Michelle did a great job dancing! Very sweet, very funny but it was cute she was dancing with the hindi children. However, when I read srdem’s post on another article about Obama dancing I nearly lost it (laughed my rear end off while drinking coffee!!!)

    I continue to read in the British press that the Muslims continue to protest his visit to Delhi….

  5. I don’t know, Tom. I am of divided mind when it comes to Michelle getting down with the kids. On the one hand, it’s rather charming to us. On the other, what impression does it convey to other people? Especially since these “barefoot moments” are all in a piece with her pawing of the Queen of England, dressing like a wrinkled housemaid to meet royalty in Spain, and her Jackie Faux voice when she was telling restaurants to sell food that will not sell because it lacks butter and sugar? Is a moment of incidental charm really meaningful in the parade of proof that she is not the Not Ready For Prime Time FLOTUS?