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Video: Obama’s Trip to India

Here’s a little video out of Obama’s trip to India. He’s supposedly focusing today on opening up markets in the Subcontinent for U.S. industries.

While we’re on the topic, a couple of statistics for you:

Number of trade deals negotiated by Obama: 0

Number of signed trade deals approved by Congress under Obama: 0

Enjoy the video.

6 thoughts on “Video: Obama’s Trip to India”

  1. Just watched the video.

    Obama and Michelle looked as though they had constipation when they visited the memorial in Mumbai.

    Ever notice that the only time Obama smiles on camera is when he is speaking at a fundraiser or “in campaign mode”? There is never a smile when talking about the greatness of our nation, its abilities, its history or to our troops … its always that g-d frown, that smirk of his that pisses me the hell off. Even during Halloween at the White House, the media caught him in his “Bush moment” — looking at his watch — clearly wanting to be somewhere else than HERE with these damn kids.

    ITEM: This man does not like being President.

  2. Tom, you caught that about Halloween. He was rude to the kids and kept telling them to hurry along.

    He does his phony smile during his meet and greets, but one thing he does is revolting. He places his hands all over people and invades their space. I guess he learned that in Unctuous 101. In Germany he was pawing at the general when he landed.

    The only thing nice I can say about him is that he usually dresses nicely.

  3. I love the two typos in JE’s post: “fired chicken” and “friend chicken.” I wish I had receipts for those dishes, they sound wonderful.

  4. The only thing nice I can say about him is that he usually dresses nicely.

    I heard at first he had his suits made by some French tailor in DC who made suits for the two Bush presidents, maybe others…Don’t know if this is still true. Yes–his smile is phony-baloney, too gummy, and totally aggravating. I am sure he always has higher, more refined thoughts than thinking about people around him.

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