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Obama’s Pelosi Disaster

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision not to take the hint from voters and go away is about the worst news the president could have gotten, and the White House knows it.

Pelosi announced yesterday that she will fight on and remain as minority leader. Most of Washington had expected her to retire. But they forgot that this was Nancy. She didn’t get to be the first female House Speaker by being . . . retiring.

There are two giant reasons why this could be just the little bit that sinks Obama in an election when he’ll need every break he can get.

First of all, for Republicans, the term “Pelosi” is synomymous  with “target practice.” She is the most polarizing person in Washington, the Newt Gingrich and Dick Cheney of her time. Republicans on Capitol Hill and their supporters throughout the land HATE her. The rest of the country in the AOSF – the Area Outside of San Francisco – doesn’t like her much better.

I assure you, Republican graphic artists are already sketching posters showing Obama and Pelosi embraced with the tag line: “End the Obama-Pelosi Regime.”

Secondly, Obama probably needs to score a few victories in Congress over the next two years to show he is capable of passing moderate legislation. Pelosi’s presence will make moderate legislation more difficult to write – she’ll rejecty stuff she doesn’t like – and to pass, since Republicans already primed to try to screw Obama won’t want to be working with Pelosi.

The White House Friday put a brave face on it. Here’s what Gibbs said on the way to India.

The White House does not comment or get involved in leadership elections. But as the president has said before, he appreciates the work of the speaker and the entire House Democratic leadership team, who’ve been great partners in moving the country forward. He looks forward to working with them in years to come.

What else could they say? She got Obama his whole agenda. There’s only a certain amount of perfidy permitted, even in Washington.

But I’m sure Obama and his aides her to go. Much better for them would have been her heir apparent, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. He’s a relatively moderate deal maker who presents in plain vanilla and would have made a really bad villain for Republicans.

But it was not to be.

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  2. “Step over here in front of the steamroller, Nancy” is not going to work for this powerhouse lady.
    I don’t like what she’s done but I so admire her political ability and loyalty to her beliefs.

    1. srdem – I give her credit too. She raised a family and then pursued her passion. And she’s clear about what she believes and plays hardball in a world where still too often, men who aggressive are admired and women who are aggressive are considered bitches.

  3. To me, she got the WH into this–by whipping out that stupid omnibus non-stimulating bill and convincing the rookies at 1600 Penn that some jobs could come of all the churn from it. Wrong! Now they are “clinging” to the 150,000 private sector jobs–you could put those in Arizona alone and not notice. What is she going to do as minority leader–mince around in her Armani with her botox surprise eyes and be the party of “don’t bother to read it”?

  4. Steny Hoyer fought for that position but Nancy won, as my (blue dog) Dem activist stated, “… Nancy was biologically correct.” Once more the Dems just had to make a statement about diversity. Now that she’s been divorced, she won’t leave the house…

  5. An incredible, well read Rabbi I used to know personally once told me: “You must be humble in life. You must be! Humility is the one learned trait that humans reject because it requires them to think about other people. Other people! Humility! Is your life screwed up? Your not humble enough!” He used to grab me by the arm when he came into my office (I worked at a Jewish non-profit at the time) and put his finger in my face and smiling, say: “Have you been humble enough today my Christian friend? Eh?” He would then tell a joke, grab you by the shoulders and tell you G-d loves you; ruffle your hair and then go and hug another person and do the same thing. He stated on more than one occassion had he been humble enough he could have saved his first marriage, helped more people. “Politicians reject humility” he once said, “because they have to come down off the pedastal. Admit your wrong. Smile. To love life.”

    Humility is that one trait Obama and Pelosi not only lack, but reject.

  6. Humble, realistic about one’s weaknesses. sure…For my tastes, that rabbi was a little hyper in the judgmental dept, but maybe that’s me…probably is. As for raising a family and then trying to make the world better, I do admire this, although I suspect she had household help and is more into trying to shape others to her idea of what people should be and do than she is trying to make the world better. She is in a bubble of power and wealth. Bubble is today’s word, by the way. Maybe the will do REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SAN FRANCISO–I could see her in that.

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