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Top Ten Wrong Conclusions Drawn by Obama From the Election

My sources in the White House tell me that, even after his Election Day shellacking, President Obama still doesn’t get it. He’s been throwing out ideas about why he couldn’t prevent Democrats from losing the House, ideas that make it clear he does not understand what his problems are with the electorate.

The following are the top ten things Obama has said to his political team in recent days that have Democratic strategists most concerned:

1. “We didn’t use Biden enough”

2. “We should have reminded people that if they voted the Democrats out, they’d be without Nancy Pelosi.”

3. “We should have spent more time talking about all the wonderful stuff in the health care law.”

4. “If only Larry Summers had been awake.”

5. “Why didn’t we try expanding Michelle’s fat kids’ butts campaign to adults?”

6. “We needed more pictures of me playing golf and eating lobster.”

7. “I could have appeared with Hillary on Dancing with the Stars.”

8. “If only we had allowed Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, and Morgan Fairchild to campaign for House Democrats.”

9. “I should have bailed out another industry just before Election Day.”

10. “I should have made it clearer to people how stupid they are, and that I would try in the future to explain things better.”

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7 Responses to Top Ten Wrong Conclusions Drawn by Obama From the Election

  1. I just read the transcript from Obama’s talk with 60 Minutes with this quip: ” . . . I should have explained things better.” President Irrelevant actually still beleives those who cast their votes did not understand the message, or the man who gave it (the electorate rejected both).

    This may sound strange, but in many respects President Obama mirrors the mentality and decision-making process of the megla-maniac Joseph Stalin. When Stalin was told by his generals in 1941 that Operation BARBAROSSA had kicked off and the Soviet Armies were in full retreat and Moscow was the objective, Stalin had the generals who gave him the bad news, shot.

    Obama hasn’t executed anyone (yet) but it seems no one has really told him, he lost. Big time. Mitch McConnell said it best yesterday: if the Administration wants to work together, they must take the first step. In the words of David Gergen: “I dont think he gets it.”