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Obama Tells the Left: Just Wait, We’ll be Back

Listen to this audio of a clearly tired and peevish President Obama speaking the day after the election – purportedly with supporters from the liberal activist group – and tell me if it doesn’t spook you out a little bit.

Where is friendly-sounding man who appeared the same day in the East Room to talk about the need for bipartisan cooperation to achieve good things for Americans?

What you are hearing here is raw tape of the ideologue, speaking to his brothers in the movement, about how his agenda is “doing what’s right” and that the election is a temporary setback that patience and willpower will overcome.

Obama unabashedly forecasts his second term which, though everyone knows he will seek it, is usually not something a sitting president with a bit more propriety will talk about. But why mince words when the cause is so important?

This edgy phone call suggests what should already be clear: that Obama’s latest “outreach” to Republicans is a tactical move designed to try to rack up a small achievement or two – or blame the GOP if he doesn’t – leading up to the 2012 campaign, when he hopes he can put his majority back together and start steamrollering Republicans again.

Normally, when Obama talks about “change,” he paints it as changing Washington, making everyone get a long nicely so that the people’s work can get done.

But in this call, he points to what he really is talking about: change means “accomplishment.” It means changing the agenda. That’s the strategy. The fluff you heard at the press conference is tactics.

8 Responses to Obama Tells the Left: Just Wait, We’ll be Back

  1. “Change to every American” is creepy. He’s either delusional or is lying through his teeth to his supporters if he saw a thumbs-up from the voters on Tuesday.

  2. I wish more commentators would see this video so they would get it like you did Keith. They’ve been calling him in denial and self-delusional. He’s none of those things.

    • Janice, thanks so much for alerting me to it. I still think there’s this feeling among reporters that somehow Obama is apart from politics. This video gives me the creeps. You should use the sound for one of yours.

  3. I listened to this on Wednesday when it broke off It’s creepy, but its also the sign of someone who is *still* out of touch with reality. President Irrelevant watched as the largest transfer of power took place in 70 years and he still doesn’t get it. I hope the Republicans *use* this phone call and the other off-the-cuff, off-TOTUS, flagrant, silly, uncouth, stupid, innane remarks he has made in the past. Granny Jan … can you do anything with this?