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Obama Invites Congressional Leaders to the White House

Obama is trying to grab some of the initiative, inviting the leadership to the White House the first week of the lame duck Congress, which begins Nov. 15. There is actual work to do. They are aiming to agree on an extension of the Bush tax cuts, which expire at the end of the year, before the new Congress is seated.

The pool was invited in to listen to Obama during his Cabinet meeting this morning. Here’s an excerpt from the report.

POTUS said he has invited Republican congressional leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell and Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to the White House during the first week of the lame duck session to talk about working together, focusing mainly on “what we can get done in the lame duck.”

It’s “not just going to be a photo-op,” POTUS promised.

POTUS listed off a number of economic issues that need to be addressed in Congress during the lame duck session, including an extension of the middle class tax cuts.

The government has “got to provide business some certainty,” POTUS said.

He also singled out the New START treaty as an important foreign policy priority he wants to see get done during the work period. He noted that the arms control treaty with Russia is the sort of thing that “traditionally has gotten bi-partisan support.”

POTUS also said he had invited the newly elected governors to the White House on Dec. 2. He said he looked forward to hearing from the governors about the “nuts and bolts stuff” that “oftentimes yields the kind of commonsense approach” Americans are looking for.

On his upcoming trip to Asia — he departs tomorrow for India — POTUS said “primary purpose” would be opening up markets. “The hope is we’ve got some specific announcements that show the connection” between what he is doing abroad and what is happening at home.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do,” POTUS concluded. “The American people don’t want us just standing still.”

“We can’t afford two years of just squabbling,” he said.

9 Responses to Obama Invites Congressional Leaders to the White House

  1. Pssst, Mr President–you have a Commerce Dept to open markets. Try it sometime. They are taking 3,000 people on this JUNKET (what it is) at the cost of $200 million a day! All this consulting is do much window dressing to me. He said the American people don’t want health care “relitigated.” Well, it’s going to be litigated and many people are hoping for gridlock…praying for it. The Start Treaty? Really? Yeah, I was just hoping to hear about that again.

  2. MrO is going to make nice with all the Governors, most of whom were elected because they opposed the Obama agenda and big spending. He’s going to tell them how wonderful he is and how he saved the world from devastion. The Govs will be polite and respectful, all the while thinking that he is now a lame duck President and not of much use to them.
    Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

  3. I wondered about the show of warships, too–maybe to take out the AOL help desk? Increase his popularity? Don’t know.

    So sari–not in the mood for one of his swanning around a foreign country and blabbing deals. Don’t worry–I will revive.

  4. Like all his other trips and those of FLOTUS, they are designed to increase HIS standing, not our nation, or, in the case of the Middle East, to APOLOGIZE to Muslims (world wide) for the “arrogance of the United States.”

    India is now either #2 or #3 in terms of economy and in the future, they, like the Japanese are going to eat-our-lunch unless we can compete with them within the arena of worldwide, free market capitalism. Since Obama is a redistribution-of-wealth regime-ist, I doubt he will bring home the bacon on this trip. The Indians are smart and will push for a major export treaty, opening up new American markets for cheap Indian goods (sound familiar? Can you say Beijing-Shanjiin-Canton-Szen-chen-Hong Kong-Shanghai?) Once more this pathetic, simplistic, ignorant prig will sell us out to foreign markets in order to continue his apology tour.

  5. And seriously–this is the Commerce Dept’s job and the Special Trade Representative’s–do we even have one of the latter anymore? I used to sit on the Trade Action Coordinating Committee–we met every Thurs at the US chamber (yes, that one. The enemy). I represented aircraft–then our largest single commercial export. This encouraging trade thing–cough, NAFTA, cough…is highly technical and done behind the scenes, day in and day out by professionals.

    • Star – he eliminated all lobbyists from the trade advisory committees that meet with the administration. That means, basically, that companies can’t tell the White House what they need out of trade deals.

  6. There are company reps who are not lobbyists, though, they get letters and introductions etc to other countries where they are doing business and the Dept of Commerce paves the way or is supposed to. The DOC also provides statistics and info on other markets. Maybe this is all gone now…I could look it up, but I don’t feel like it. Things like Most Favored Nation treaties and so on are nego by the Spec Trade Rep. And have to be ratified by the Senate…or pass both houses, can’t remember which. The trade world is a big private and public enterprise…a president with a flotilla is not usually the vehicle.