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Obama and Hillary Clinton: Keep Your Enemies Close

When President Obama was putting his Cabinet together, there was much excited discussion among the intelligentsia about how he was assembling a “team of rivals,” JUST LIKE LINCOLN,  bringing former enemies into his Cabinet in a magnanimous and statesmanlike act of reconciliation showing just what a good guy he was.

Obama had supposedly read the book by plagiarist Doris Kearns Goodwin, titled “Team of Rivals,” describing Lincoln’s assembly of his own Cabinet. This really had everyone in Washington and on PBS in a fit of ecstasy about their new hero who was assuming power. HE READS BOOKS, unlike that tacky Bush. HE TAKES IDEAS AND HISTORY SERIOUSLY. He forgives Hillary for the 3 am phone call and all her and Bill’s other bullshit.

No one seriously discussed whether these people were qualified for their posts. Hillary, beyond dashing to safety from Serb sniper fire, had absolutely no foreign policy experience. Former Democratic primary rival Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico was forced to withdraw as Obama’s Commerce Secretary nominee amid a contracting scandal.

Obama and Hillary Clinton debateWith Obama’s horrifying 2010 Election Day drubbing, there is now talk here and there about whether he might incur a primary challenge. And so now another, less elevated rationale for Obama’s Hillary choice comes to mind. It’s the maxim of Sun-tzu, the ancient Chinese author of “The Art of War.” He wrote: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

As his Secretary of State, it would be too titanic an act of perfidy, even for the Clintons, for her to turn around and challenge Obama in the primary. Were she not Secretary of State, there would be growing pressure for her to consider it.

Obama knew the economy might not rebound, that he might face trouble as his reelection neared, and that he might look like a weakened candidate. Perhaps the Hillary appointment was at least partially the work of Obama the calculating Chicago pol, and not Obama the selfless, forgiving intellectual.

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  1. Keith,

    Once more, great article on Clinton and Obama.

    First, Hillary is following that epithet from Sun-Tzu as well for Obama means absolutely nothing to her, except as a stepping stone to the Presidency; the Hillarista’s made sure she got something out of the election, otherwise she would have throw rocks. Bill (who Obama accused of racism during the 2008 primary) know the deal. They keep Obama CLOSE … knowing one day, they will be back in the WH, that coveted space that belongs to them and only them. Obama is but a mirage who will disappear into thin air … and never be discussed over vodka by Hillary ever again …

    Second, a primary challenger for 2012? Will the Dem’s have the cajones to drop Obama and go with someone else? I seriously doubt it as the Dem’s apply Marxist principles across the board: If you stray from the worker’s party, you will be labeled “racist”, “homophobic” or “insane.” It’s a good thing we dont have gulags and firing squads, Nancy Pelosi would have ended up as a camp guard instead of House Speaker.

    Third, Keith I am SO glad you labeled Doris Kearns Goodwin a plagarizer. Notice how the left coddles and salutes their degenerates? Gov. Spitzer has his own t.v. show and lectures at Columbia on ethics; DOJ lawyers drop suits against the Black Panthers; Van Jones – an avowed “Marxist activist” who was arrested for criminal mischief secures a White House appointment. If Joseph Goebbels were alive he would be Keith Olbermann’s sidekick on MSNBC. “Take it away Joe!” “Zank you Keet! Zank you. Tonight vee vill be zalking avout Ovama and his vite vater!”

  2. There are a lot of indicators that MrO will not be up for re-election in 2012.
    If the insider reports are true, he just doesn’t like the job and would rather be outside the WH where he could be a senior statesman and advance his family’s fortune.

    By removing herself from the Senate and the distasteful obligation of being required to vote in favor of her former opponents policy and agenda, MrsClinton has kept herself above the backlash that a lot of Dems have faced. She’s right in place to run again if MrO decides to ‘spend more time with his family’.

  3. srdem,

    I think your right. The Dem’s may drop Obama, the only problem is

    (a.) 95% of Dem leadership is white and
    (b.) African-American voters who voted in the primary and in the general election for Obama.

    I wonder how the Clinton’s will traverse this mine field.

  4. Guess we can’t take a day off from 2012…OK, well, I currently consider Hillary a sellout. I was furious with her. This could change if she is the choice…still, I feel like the scales have fallen from my eyes Democrat-wise…we shall, um…see.

    What did you thiink of Boehner crossly throwing down on Obama and vowing a blood oath to use all his tricks to frustrate Obamacare–didn’t even give The One a chance to appear to be nice? It’s always such good theatre when Obama holds forth in these little meetings, then ups and leaves.

  5. Star, I “feel ya boo.”

    When I was watching the 2008 primary there was a veeeeeeeeeery small glitch of respect I had for Hillary, especially after she made the statement during the second debate that if Israel were attacked by Iran, the U.S. would reply with nukes. Damn! You go girl.

    It was not until after the election where she morphed back into Hillary-the-political-animal that she cut the deal and became SECSTATE and moved back to the far left and into the Democrat anti-Semitic camp (Ed “Yassir” Markey, “Bagdad Jim” McDermott, Maxine “Che” Waters, etc.). When Hillary got choked up before the NH primary, we finally saw the real Hillary, and I liked that. My wish would be that Hillary would run (and govern) as a Blue Dog with a fanatical, pro-capitalist outlook.