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Obama Asia Trip Itinerary || November 5 – November 14

Friday, Nov. 5 — Obama leaves Washington.

Saturday, Nov. 6 — Arrives Mumbai, India; holds meetings with business leaders, others.

Sunday, Nov. 7 — Travels to New Delhi.

Monday, Nov. 8 — Meetings with Indian government officials in New Delhi.

Tuesday, Nov. 9 — Travels to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Wednesday, Nov. 10 — Speech in Indonesia; travels to Seoul, South Korea.

Thursday, Nov. 11 — In Seoul, speaks to U.S. troops for Veterans Day; Opening ceremonies for Group of 20 economic summit.

Friday, Nov. 12 — G20 working sessions, news conference; Departs Seoul for Yokohama, Japan.

Saturday, Nov. 13 — Attends meetings for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Yokohama, Japan.

Sunday, Nov. 14 — Visits Great Buddha statue before departing Japan and returning to Washington.

8 Responses to Obama Asia Trip Itinerary || November 5 – November 14

  1. MrO’s travel agent has designed a most exciting vacation for the Obama family:
    Mumbai, duck and hide from terrorists and a treasure hunt for IEDs
    Indonesia, a chance to witness a LIVE volcano,
    South Korea, play Pac-Man with the North Koreans
    Japan, a fascinating tour of a large statue.
    All for less than $200 million a day!

  2. Besides the PR campaign that normally preceedes and then follows such a trip, unless President Irrelevant can bring home a SINGLE export treaty for American goods and services in this sector (of each country, we face an export deficit), I see this as a complete waste of time.

  3. I think NYT printed today that the switch to helping business as the focus of this junket-vacay is recent, like during the presser. Thanks for checking on the Spec Trade Rep–I had the I don’t-want-tos yesterday.

  4. Keith, please tell me your joking . . .a gift shop? Well I heard from a Democratic source here in Texas that if Obama wins a second term, the old Hoover building will be turned into a gay discoteque.