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The Obama India Trip’s Bad Optics

The White House is incurring volumes of flack for the cost of Obama’s sojourn to India, rumored to be $200 million a day. The White House says the estimate is wildly inflated, and they’re probably right, since I understand the original report came came from some Indian website nobody here has ever heard of. But the White House also won’t say how much the trip costs.

Nevertheless, the Obama’s bought the bad PR – even if apocryphal – with their own exhorbitance, starting with their “date” that took them from Washington to New York City in 2009 for dinner and a show and extending to Mrs. Obama’s Spanish Riviera fantasy indulgence this summer.

One of our readers, Granny Jan, who blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty, has created a book cover to commemorate the latest excursion.

9 Responses to The Obama India Trip’s Bad Optics

  1. I thought of last week’s 60 Minutes–a woman crying because she might not be able to keep her daughter in college… and contrast it with this obscene jaunt and with the president’s peevish comment that no one saw him endlessly, selflessly reading WH letters into the night, probably by candle or firelight.

  2. This trip could be the watershed moment of O’s administration. The sheer number of people involved and the capital being spent are making the populace nervous and yes, afraid. Adding the lurking warships off the coast of India has to inspire a chill in our relationship with other Asian countries.

    Whatever the official purpose or plan for this, whatever it is, has to be explained to America.

  3. If you watched Rachel Maddow last night, the only refutation that was given was video from a Pentagon presser in which Geoffrey Morrell (s/p) stated that the 34-warship amount was incorrect. When pressed for a number of ships, he would not say. Maddow never defended the amount of money being spent nor did she say what the cost would be. Nor was the number (or cost) of the hotel rooms defended or refuted. Star makes a great point about family’s cutting back (there is now a new reality show called “Downsized”) and tackling issues of money, bills, college, extracurricular activities for kids, etc. Why not have MTV run a show with Obama setting the standard by cutting back on trips, food, WH costs, government waste, etc? I would whole heartedly support such a program as it would show the Commander in Chief leading by example, something he has yet to do since taking office.

  4. You know, that’s true. The Fox people were trying to extrapolate from a Bush trip and Obama’s African jaunt. Maybe $5-6 million…a day, in all, not sure… They refuse to say on the amts or ships, saying it would help evildoers. Well, they could ballpark… I wonder how the Indians feel about the latest meme–some (stupid) Indian blogger used the $200 million figure, not us.