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Obama Doesn’t Understand What Just Happened

As I’ve done this blog and participated in various social media this year, what has struck me was the depth of anger harbored toward President Obama, a building fury that the White House was totally failing to detect.

People have been waiting for a long time to send the message they sent Tuesday. They were determined to send it. And now they have sent it.

The White House thinks this is merely the result of a grumpy electorate still angry about the economy. That the same forces that propelled them to victory are now working against them.

Obama and his aides truly seem to believe that Americans are a band of idiots who will just reject the party in power if they don’t have enough money in their pockets, no matter the party’s policies and pronouncements.

Yes, the economy is still profoundly troubling the electorate. But the depth of its anger stems from having laws and spending it opposes shoved down its throat. Americans are being pushed in a direction too far to the left, and it’s making them very uncomfortable.

Americans are not Europeans and, overwhelmingly, they are not elitists who think they know best. They are people with an intrinsic mistrust of government, who believe you should watch your spending, and who want people to be as straight with them as they are with each other.

Obama has been none of this. He and his Democratic allies have rammed through a massive revamp of the nation’s health care system along completely partisan lines while, in a record-setting display of chutzpah, blamed the Republicans for all the partisanship.

Obama has exploded the deficit, made no meaningful attempt to curtail spending, and then blamed George W. Bush for it. Actually, he’s blamed Bush for just about everything, including the FAILURE OF HIS OWN STIMULUS BILL TO REDUCE UNEMPLOYMENT EVEN THOUGH HE SAID IT WOULD.

Obama scratches headObama and other Democrats think the unpopularity of their program stems from a failure to explain it to obtuse Americans who haven’t bothered to read about it and understand it. This, even though Obama talked about the health bill incessantly and WATCHED ITS POPULARITY DECLINE THE MORE HE TALKED ABOUT IT.

Americans have observed as a man who presented himself as the Second Coming devolved during the 2010 campaign into a run of the mill raving, partisan, politician, trying desperately to preserve his fleeting power.

The problem for Obama is that he can’t, even if he wanted to – and he doesn’t – take it all back without seeming like a Big Fake. Clinton in 1994 at least had a moderate record behind him as governor and as president. He passed NAFTA, remember. Obama has done nothing in moderation.

We’ll see at today’s press conference if there is any humility in the man. If the lectures will stop about Bush have “dug the hole so deep” Obama could not possibly be expected to get us out of it. If there’s some recognition that he went too far, did something wrong.

Don’t count on it.

17 Responses to Obama Doesn’t Understand What Just Happened

  1. I am *not* suprised. After all, its all about “me.”

    MEMO TO BARACK: You lost. Big time. Either move to the center and work with the Republican majority in the House (and a possible Republican-Blue Dog majority in the Senate) or your history.

  2. He’ll fake humility and say all the right words but watch what he does…executive orders… His 200 million dollar trip abroad couldn’t be coming at a worse time…Spain on steroids.

    I was a little depressed last night coming from Massachusetts where we had the finest Republican candidates go down to defeat. So I made this cute video, a spoof on Curtis Sittenfeld’s Slate article:
    I Still Love Obama. Love. Love. Love. by Barack Obama

  3. Has he nibbled any crow yet? Here, salt? Pepper? When is the press conference. He can wash it down with a Slurpee. I am behind this morning. What is happening?

  4. One sense I got from Fox last nite was that all elections are going to be “waves” now–this better be different, something must change, or whoosh, back the other way. Even the winners last nite better not get too comfy. But as for the president saying we were too scared stupid to get his brilliance or something–I would not advise that. Not that anyone asked.

  5. Marco Rubio was right last night in stating that this was NOT a mandate from the people on or for Republican policies; it was a second chance. President Bush gave us unprecedented spending along with entitlement programs (pushed, coaxed and helped along by Karl Rove) to “move to the center” (if there is anyone who is “evil” in a political sense, it is that despicable, swarmy, smiling, RINO-snake Rove) and no clear goal in Iraq … courtesy of cocktail-swilling, elite Republicans who saw political opportunity in invading Iraq, not the bodycount. Then came Prescription Part D and TARP, courtesy of RINO Republicans and Marxist Dem’s. So Rubio is entirely correct in his summation …

    And Rand Paul was right to quickly form a hedgehog position around the RNC and let them know, “your on notice.” There must be accountability and I think the TP platform does just that. It gives just enough slack for the Republicans to once again cocktail-swill with their liberal friends at all the great restaurants inside the Beltway while making policy … until the rope is TIGHTENED hard and drags the offending elitists back to reality with another “wave.” Tea partiers: We know who and what Obama is (a weak, vassilating, extremely self-absorbed sympathetic Marxist) but we must remain wary of Republican spending (with Dem coaxing) to make this election work for the American people.

    I am thankful however for one thing and we can thank the Founding Fathers for it. In the next two years we will see unprecedented GRIDLOCK ——-> As long as their is gridlock, they cannot take my firearms, overtax me or shove healthcare down my throat.

    “Guard your property and your freedoms, the legislature is back in session.” -Benjamin Franklin, c. 1777

  6. I used to hate Rove during the Bush yrs (I am a recovering Dem). Then he began to make some sense since he criticized Obama, but during this cycle, he seemed to be against female candidates in a sort of prissy, snippy way, which I don’t like. So my little Rove pendulum swung back.

  7. I listened to the presser. Man is he a slow-talker. Remember that on Seinfeld? The slow talker. Anyhow–he seemed angry and annoyed to me. He said he needed to get out more–yet he is going to do all this sitting down and listening. While he is out among the clingers, trying to learn their ways? At one pt, he said some policy had failed because he had not given it his personal attention…so the ego is still there. Toward the end, I noticed, the sitting down had changed to “if they have ideas, let them tell me.” And we are still in the ditch and of course, he had nothing to do with that. I wasn’t impressed–about what I expected. Also he said there was more than one way to skin a cat–not a popular phrase in certain circles of cat lovers.

  8. After the presser:
    Yes, he does get it. Any Dem who has to run in 2012 will not be doing MrO’s bidding; lesson learned. MrO will now have to go along to get along.

    The ‘historic’ Obama administration has awakened the voting public like no other has done for 2 generations. The change isn’t over.

  9. Are we so sure that Americans’ problem is that Obama has pushed them too far to the “left”? Is it “left” to think that everyone should be covered by a real health plan instead of spending tax dollars in emergency rooms? Indeed, I suggest they elected him by a solid majority in part because he said all along that he’d bring (almost) universal health care! Has it not been clear from the get-go that the Republicans were going to block everything he tried, and almost everyone he nominated, simply because only they know what’s best for the country? As for deficits, Bill Clinton left the country deficit-free. Bush ran up the deficit, while his business friends made billions in an illegitimate war — during which no Republican was a deficit hawk. I worry that the real reason America is upset is that many woke up to the fact that we have a BLACK MAN (God forbid) in the White House. A black man that 25% (and a higher percentage of Republicans) claim is a Muslim. I suggest that the backlash is much more complicated than Keith says — and much more frightening.

  10. So people just noticed he’s half-black or half-white or whatever he is, George? I don’t think 99% of this country gives a flip. I lived in DC–where almost everyone was black. I live in AZ now where almost everyone you meet is Hispanic. Big deal. What does being black have to do with doggedly pursuing wrong-headed policies people don’t want and not leading, but following the dictates of two lifers in the Congress, Harry and Nancy, who had legislation in their back pockets that they could never get through before. Those two blew chance after chance he had when he did have a mandate. And since he really believed he was The One or supernaturally brilliant or destined or something, he let them do it. He didn’t even know what was in that health mess.

  11. George,

    I like your attempt to blame those of us who did not vote for Mr. Obama as racists. I could CARE LESS WHAT COLOR OBAMA is; he is a racist, an anti-white bigot, an anti-Semite … and he is a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist-Democrat; I dont blame you for voting for him, its your vote, your choice. Based upon what he has said and done, he is a bigot … and this bigot got his just desserts.

    Because he is a polished, very good looking, charming, swarmy, asexual prig who cowed you into voting for him does not change the fact he does like whites, Jews, Christians and Conservatives.

    George he is not Muslim, but he is sympathetic to pan-Arab Islamism, the same Islamism that has murdered, shot, beheaded, throat-cut, exterminated Jews, Christians and liberal Muslims.

    George you have the right to like this bigot.

    I was raised in the beleifs of Martin Luther King that we should judge someone by the content of their soul, not the color of their skin. You have the right to like this race-baiting, anti-Semite.

    Many of us choose to stand up and call a racist, a racist.

  12. C’mon guys, racist?
    I was called a ‘racist’ because I thought MrsO looked silly wearing a 4″wide ‘boob belt’ over her winter coat.
    “Racist” or “hater” is the final refuge of the Obama apologists. When they run out of logic or can’t accept a different opinion, it’s name-calling time.
    Our Prez has used this tactic many times in the last few months out on the campaign trail.
    Let’s be civil.

    • George, I gotta say, I agree strongly with many of the objections here to your insertion of race into the argument. This has been the great thing for America about the Obama presidency. A black man is in the Oval Office, and so little of the narrative has been about race. It shows how far we have come as a country. It is truly abhorrent, with no real evidence afoot, to suggest that opposition to the man is based in race. The only argument I’ve seen – other than the occasional racist jerk, and there will always be racist jerks – is on the merits of his policies and practices. Your accusation is frankly a very low blow.

      There’s really nothing worse – and I’m speaking generally, I know you didn’t mean me – than to be trying to have a reasoned argument and have one’s motives questioned in such a manner as you have done. Yes, it really is possible to not accept the high-minded arguments of you and Obama and not be doing so out of hatred. I’m really disappointed in you.