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Obama Takes Responsibility Without Taking Responsibility

At an afternoon East Room press conference today, President Obama took a measure of “responsibility” for what he acknowledged was a “shellacking” that he personally got Tuesday from the Republicans. But the president seemed to have a lot of trouble describing just what on earth he might have done wrong.

Instead of “Oops, shouldn’t have done this,” or “Wow, wish I could reel that one back in,” the president offered a series of bromides – all or most of which we’ve heard before – about everyone in Washington needing to “work together” and focus on the economy and yada yada yada yada  and PLEASE GET ME OFF THIS TRAIN BECAUSE I’VE GONE TO THIS SAME PLACE TOO MANY TIMES BEFORE.


Here’s what we heard.

I think that there is no doubt that people’s number one concern is the economy. And what they were expressing great frustration about is the fact that we haven’t made enough progress on the economy.

And they understand that I’m the president of the United States, and that my core responsibility is making sure that we’ve got an economy that’s growing, a middle class that feels secure that jobs are being created. And so I think I’ve got to take direct responsibility for the fact that we have not made as much progress as we need to make.

Now, moving forward, I think the question’s going to be: Can Democrats and Republicans sit down together and come up with a set of ideas that address those core concerns

See what I mean? OMG. And this guy is supposed to be our first philosopher-king since Jefferson.

Obama today proved, as I mentioned in my post this morning, THAT HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT JUST HAPPENED.

He has no idea that his policies – TARP, auto bailout, $1 trillion stimulus, health care, cap and trade, spending, spending, and spending – are not what the country wants.

Okay, he alluded to the first two of these, but suggested that stupid Americans had gotten all confused.

But what is absolutely true is that with all that stuff coming at folks fast and furious — a recovery package, what we had to do with respect to the banks, what we had to do with respect to the auto companies — I think people started looking at all this and it felt as if government was getting much more intrusive into people’s lives than they were accustomed to.

Now, the reason was, it was an emergency situation. But I think it’s understandable that folks said to themselves, “You know, maybe this is the agenda as opposed to a response to an emergency.”

It’s understandable that you didn’t understand, he sympathizes. Well, Americans did understand. They understood that throwing a lot of longterm spending at the economy – not “letting a crisis go to waste” – and bailing out automakers and their unions instead of treating them like adults and letting them go bankrupt was indeed too much government.

And when they then got health nationalization, an attempt by the EPA to regulate emissions by fiat, and no real effort to address the deficit, they definitely got the idea that THIS IS THE AGENDA.

And the agenda, Obama remains convinced, is nice. In his second exchange of the news conference, he resisted the pointed and persistent pestering of NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, who wanted to know if maybe he did something wrong.

Q     But you still resist the notion that voters rejected the policy choices you make?

OBAMA  Well, you know, Savannah, I think that what I think is absolutely true is voters are not satisfied with the outcomes.

These policies take time, Savannah, because Bush dug the hole so deep. Don’t you get it? CNN’s Ed Henry later tried to follow up.

Q    The idea is…

OBAMA  And so…

Q    that your policies are taking the country in reverse. You just reject that idea altogether that your policies could be going in reverse.


Let’s give the president some credit. He believes strongly in what he is doing. Unlike Bill Clinton or George H.W. Bush, who generally believed in themselves first and foremost. It’s just, Obama doesn’t realize that the country isn’t with him on this, because he can’t imagine they don’t get it – or that they can’t learn it.

10 Responses to Obama Takes Responsibility Without Taking Responsibility

  1. Excuse me, MrPrez; your “core responsibility” is to uphold the Constitution.
    It’s too bad that he couldn’t say the words, couldn’t just admit that the voters don’t like his agenda. We’re a forgiving nation, we understand that making mistakes is human and he could have started anew with a mea culpa.

  2. 1. Obama / Democrats: This (incredible, bloody, massacre) loss is not my (our) fault;
    2. The DNC: The American people (bigots) make bad choices because they are mentally ill;
    3. The Left-wing Media: Tea Party candidates (bigots) and their constiuents (racists) do not represent real America;
    4. Carville: This was not a referendum on Obama, but on the economy (remember, its the economy, youmentallyillvoter).
    5. Communist Party USA: Supported 99% of the Democrat / Green Party Candidates for the 2010 elections.
    6. Barney Frank: We (the government) would like (through the fiat of police power) to give you what we (the government) beleive you deserve (free healthcare, college, rent, condoms, marijuana, sex partners). Post script: Barney Frank: “I did not have sexual liason with Congressional pages or operate a well-funded homosexual sex ring on Capitol Hill.”
    7. College students: Obama is the messiah. Obama is not wrong. Obama was never wrong. Obama CANT be wrong. Obama simply “is.” Obama exists. I don’t believe in God, I believe in Obama.
    8. Gibbs: Obama never said that. We never said anything. We’ve never stated what you heard and saw the President say because he never said it.
    9. Pelosi: I have no regrets.
    10. Obama: No, my policies had nothing to do with this (incredible, bloody massacre) loss.

  3. When he says he takes responsibility–make that limited–he didn’t ‘splain things correctly because if he had, none of this would have happened. But see, he did explain sort of (he didn’t understand the health care thing and probably has never seen an EOB in his life) and people said, hmmm, that sounds kind of bad, I don’t want to be “punished” for not buying something I can’t afford–and I can’t afford the fine either, by the way. And we are already losing our plans, losing our doctors, so that part didn’t pan out…. He also explained the bailouts by saying Bush did them first, so that made it an option and anyhow he promised the unions…and we need more electric cars…blab blab.

    But yeah, we are just bughouse crazy, we just don’t get it, we are unteachable, we are stubborn, we are stupid…

    Did you forget? We hired you! You work for us!

  4. My jaw tightened while watching that MoveON video…it says it all…he sees the election as the signal to keep on keeping on. Just because something is hard does not make it the right thing–isn’t that a syllogism or something? He’s a Harvard guy…supposedly. Now I REALLY want to see those transcripts.

  5. So far I have yet to see ONE Democrat stand up and take responsibility. There may be someone out there on one of the news programs, but I sure haven’t seen or heard it and I am a political whore.

    1st sign: Although President Irrelevant has shown great poise during his first news conference since the election (which I give him props) overall his demeanor shows facial expressions of icy snobbery, a veiled anger on the shellacking he and his party were given, courtesy of the American electorate. But interestingly, there has not been a shred of humility in evidence either in his comments or facial expressions.

    2nd sign: The general comment from the Democrats as a Party has been one of silent horror as they watched “three generations of Democrats” beaten. Even though Cranky Franky one in Massachusetts, even he lacked the humility of a victor; instead he’s angry at the Boston Herald for publishing stories about his rather degenerate lifestyle. The incredible nature of this election has yet to set in. Also, here: no humility, no teachable moment, no hand across the aisle from the Democrats.

    3rd sign: The left-wing, Marxist, anti-American media continues to make up the WILDEST, bullscheisse stories on why the Dem’s got whipped. Again, no humility, no sincerity from the media.

    From all three of these inter-connected, inter-laced groups, which work together both overt and covertly to set policy and drive the daily story, no humility.