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Obama Hits His Enemies on the Head with Hope and Change

Several of my readers have reacted quite viscerally to a post I wrote yesterday that had to do with Obama’s comment that Hispanics should “punish” their “enemies” at the polls.

At the risk of speaking for others, I believe I have some idea why. At least, I know why his remarks upset me so.

Obama is frequently the victim of Freudian slips that reveal his true self. The “spread the wealth around” comment to Joe the plumber was but one of the first examples we became aware of.

Obama chicago politicsAnd the more he reveals himself NOT to be the person he presented to us in 2008, the greater the anger of his opponents on the right and the disillusionment of his allies on the left. Obama himself is feeding both trends.

You cannot possibly be a man of hope and change, who wants to mend Washington and the country, and also refer to your political opponents as enemies. You can’t be Martin Luther King one day, and Richard Nixon the next. You just can’t.

When you try to, everything else you say and do, as one White House Dossier reader intoned, begins to look like “bullshit.”

Obama’s attempt to pull it back, saying yesterday that he should have used the word “opponents” – and doing so just hours before Boehner was to make a speech slamming him for the remark and a full week after he made it – only accentuates to stench of disingenuousness.

Obama promised ethereal things he said only he could deliver: Namely, hope and change, his increasingly hilarious looking promise of redemption. This wasn’t something he said he would try to do, as long as Republicans were willing to go along. This was something that he uniquely, being The One, could deliver.

If the Democrats just wanted liberal policies pressed forward by a practical politician, they would have taken Hillary. But they took Obama, even though nobody knew a single thing about him.

Today, as he takes a rhetorical wrecking ball to Republicans, bashing them day by day – suggesting even that they don’t particularly like blacks – it’s only natural that people begin to wonder just who exactly they’re dealing with.

The Obama campaign was supposed to be about coming together. What the country got was a leftist agenda steamrollered over Republicans, who were then accused of not cooperating in what Obama himself said at a ritzy Hollywood fundraiser was “the most progressive legislative agenda . . . not just in one generation, maybe two, maybe three.”

You can’t tell Americans you want to reach out to Republicans and then go tell Barbara Streisand that you are the most liberal president since Franklin Roosevelt.

The American people don’t like to be taken for suckers. They’re beginning to think the man of inspiration they fell for – and even many who voted against him kind of fell for him – was actually just another Chicago pol.

They’ll let him know what they think today.

10 Responses to Obama Hits His Enemies on the Head with Hope and Change

  1. BRAVO! Spot On!
    This post hits the nail on the head, more ways than one. I’m nominating it for the Pulitzer, and bookmarking the site.

    Also, don’t forget, Repubs are not a partner in this discussion … they have to sit in the back ..

  2. Some people I communicate with were shocked and appalled at MrO’s lack of “good manners” when he first took office. Later, the lack of good manners devolved into a public distain for the protocols and pomp that a President should display to foreign dignitaries and political associates. His contempt for the role that America has played on the world scene and his kowtowing to some foreign leaders who are not our friends begat the suspicions that he was un-American.

    When MrO told a group of donors that the public doesn’t think right when they’re scared and “they have a right to be scared” he was telling the truth.
    He scared us with his passage of his agenda. He scares us with his insults and enemy list.
    We’re so scared of him that we’re willing to put the Repubs back in office to counter his agenda. We want more people in the party of “no”.

    • srdem65 – he just can’t understand how people could not possibly agree with him, so the result is condescension. And if I see him in an open collar or with his feet on the desk one more time . . .

  3. Isn’t this just more Obama? “Coded” language that is then “walked back?” He meant what he said — he doesn’t mean it when he says he misspoke. He wants racial division because it delivers votes from those who vote on the race-alike motivation.

  4. I think it is equally appalling that the President’s used the word “punish”! That word, in conjunction with either choice of enemy or opponent is inexcusable. For all of the talk about BHO being marxist, socialist, etc., the message he conveyed in that statement is tyrannical. He may as well just said “off with their heads”.

  5. ABSOLUTELY phenominal article, Keith. You took my ANGER and encapsulated it into one very well thought out article. Prost.

    Now that the veil is lifted and “O has spoken” we know who and what he is and we dont like it. I cant say I want my money back because I didnt vote for him (or doddering fool) but I can say that the damage he was about to do will now be limited due to a Republican Congress.

  6. RE: “open collar” / “feet on the desk.”

    Since Bill “I did not have sex with that cigar” Clinton, the office has been cheapened. I did not like Clinton’s swarmy 60’s buffoonery in the Oval office with pizza boxes littered about and staffers in cut offs and short sleeves running amok. Read Gary Aldrich’s book on Clinton’s presidency to get a good idea of just how insane it was under Bill and Shill. The Secret Service caught people having sex all over the White House – and George Stephanopolous trying to jump over the WH fence to get in! It was a cat house.

    I did not like Bush’s faux “Western White house” in Crawford either. Having cowboy’ed early in life I knew Bush was neither a cowboy or a rancher but the theme Rove pushed fwas “West Texas Cattle Rancher.” That was a load of foul smelling turd and those of us in Texas knew it. (Note Bush’s new urban spread in Dallas; not a Brahma to be seen). And those trips to the golf courses . . .

    BHO’s thug-o-cratic HipHop White House is just as bad. Its not as bad as Clinton’s love nest, but Obama’s lack of manners, his lack of protocol (good point srdem) and lack of normalcy simply pisses the American public off. The sending back of the Churchill bust, the remake of the Oval Office and the lack of frugalness in his life.

    We want normalcy.
    We want frugality.
    We want honesty.