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Obama Should Focus on Foreign Affairs

In my latest POLITICO piece, I argue that Obama’s only chance to save himself may be a focus on foreign policy.

NOTHING significant is going to get done on the domestic front with perhaps the most polarized Congress since the union dissolved a hundred and fifty years ago.

But Obama has chances for achievements overseas. And there are things he MUST do, such as succeed in Afghanistan and prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Otherwise he will go the way of the last weak-looking president saddled with a struggling economy, Jimmy Carter.

You can read it here.

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6 Responses to Obama Should Focus on Foreign Affairs

  1. The current line-up of Repubs who are making a buzz about running for the Presidency will make anything MrO does in the foreign relations area of little consequence to his re-election if our economy doesn’t improve.

    Voters who have lost their home, filed bankruptcy and don’t have a job will not be impressed if the Prez improves his reputation with foreign nations.
    We can’t afford to help other nations when our own people need help.

    MrO can spend the next 12 months travelling the world but all he’ll get from the voters is “what have you done for me”.

  2. Agreed. Clinton didn’t get reelected because of any foreign policy gains. He certainly didn’t tout the Dayton Accords against Dole. If Iran agreed to a deal that halted its nuclear ambitions it wouldn’t improve his numbers, because as James Carville famously put it best, “It’s the economy, stupid.” His party pays the price for neglecting it tonight, and he’ll pay for it unless things improve somehow in two years – unless the GOP is dumb enough to nominate Sarah Palin.

  3. Don’t rule out Sister Sarah. Everyone is doing it, and its led by the left-wing, Marxist press that have been after her since she was chosen by the doddering fool McCain in 2008. Since that time, Palin has proven to be one hell of a broad: smart, intuitive, quick witted and *mean* when she needs to be. She’s the Momma Grizzly and she takes no prisoners – 2/3 of Momma’s chosen have won elections across this country. No wonder last night on CNN she was both lauded and hounded by the left. The filfth of the left fear Palin because she wont back down and she calls the corrupt bastards, corrupt bastards.

    Now we hear the wining, mewing left-wing, REPUBLICAN liberal ash and trash in POLITICO. Grown men who are SO incredibly weak they “feared retribution from Palin supporters” and would not be named. What prigs. What slimebags. And these are grown men? Is that what makes up the Republican elite now? SPINELESS scum that refuse to be named in a new story, designed to hatchet the future of a Palin candidacy? As a homosexual … I wonder, are all Republican elites, weak-knee’ed sissies?


    Screw the Republican scum in the beltway. They, like Obama will be runover by the tidal wave of support for Sara Palin and her grassroots constituency.

    MEMO TO THE ELITE, LIBERAL, COCK-TAIL SWILLING, PATHETIC, WEAK-KNEE’D REPUBLICANS: Stand in the way of a Palin candidacy and this party is finished.

  4. During the last campaign, when some Democratic state legislator called Palin a “bucket of slop”–in front of Biden…I had no use for this whole crowd. I cannot tell you what abuse she has taken since–I don’t have to tell you, you know. I hope she does not run–one, I think they could ruin her somehow and two, I could not stand more of this rude, disgusting abuse toward a member of my gender. She is beautiful, well groomed, no-nonsense, and not “dumb.” Make more kings and queens, Sarah, make more money for yourself and your family, but don’t make us watch a run.

  5. Star, good point.

    The left has a viral hatred of strong, dominant, sharp, focused, take-no-prisoners women. I will admit I have a msyogynistic (s/p) outlook on life, but somehow, I have a REAL respect for *extremely* strong, vigorous women who stand up to the weak-knee’d, wussified, cocktail-swilling, cocaine-sniffing GOP “elites” that have a literal, Exorcist-deep fear of women who upset the old boys club.

    I am sick and tired of the rich, double-talking Republican elites. Gov. Palin is simply a breath of fresh air, a sharp cookie. And she is a true, strong, American woman. We will hear her roar in 2012 and it will be ferocious.