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Obama Schedule || November 2, 2010

11:35 am ||Live interview with KPWR Los Angeles
11:50 am ||Tapes radio interview with WGCI Chicago
12:05 pm ||Tapes radio interview with WSOL Jacksonville
12:20 pm || Live interview with KVEG Las Vegas
4:30 pm ||Meets with Defense Secretary Gates

All times Eastern

3 Responses to Obama Schedule || November 2, 2010

  1. Welcome to the Banana Republic! Margarita, senor?

    When I arrived at my polling place this morning (Starbucks in hand), those of us patiently waiting to vote found the “electronic voting machines” to be anything but accurate. We also found innept poll workers and a poll judge who was as unprepared his his tossled hair.

    When I clicked STRAIGHT PARTY TICKET for the Republicans, the Democrat button lit up. WTF. I tried to go back but the machine seized up. I then BANGED on the damn thing and that apparently sent it back to the summary of my ballot. I again hit the box for Republicans and apparently it took (or did it?) When I got to the end of the ballot I found that I was not allowed to vote on the expensive, liberal, $$$ city prop’s in my city. I then asked the Poll Judge if I could vote on the propositions and he told me (and I quote): “Hmmm, sorry about that. Happened to me when I voted this morning.Yeah. Sorry about that. Thanks for voting.” I registered a complaint but there were many people waiting patiently in line to vote and then get on to work. So I hit CAST BALLOT and that was it.

    What a joke. You call this an election?

    How do I know WHO I voted for? I dont have a receipt. How do I know I voted Republican? My “electronic voting machine” was on the fritz … and other voters encountered the same thing as I did. And I was not allowed to vote on the city propositions. Plus the poll workers were an ABSOLUTE ABORTION.

    I called the Texas Voter Fraud line and spoke with a very nice, smart, dedicated young lady and lodged my protest. Apparently, calls are coming in hot an heavy about voter problems in my county. I then called our local (liberal) media and spoke with a lady who took my complaint.

    TO ALL VOTERS: Contact your county voter registration officer or your state office if you find problems with these “electronic voting machines.” Do not be silent even if inflexible, innept poll judges and poll workers will not help you!

    And, welcome to the Banana Republic.