As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || November 1, 2010

No public events today.

8 Responses to Obama Schedule || November 1, 2010

  1. The big ‘event’ at the WH would be the hurried packing for the rumored “government in exile” that the Prez has planned.
    This trip to India and Indonesia is ill-advised and has already become a issue with those who doubt MrO’s American patriotism.

    When the President leaves the country during a political upheaval and a direct attack from our Muslim enemies, the message of “cut and run” will not be overlooked by the voters.

  2. MrO is spending the day recording messages to be aired on select radio stations on election day.
    And if that isn’t desperate looking enough, he’s going give a radio interview to that great political pundit, Ryan Seacrest of American Idol, on election day.
    Ryan Seacrest??! Maybe an opening act for the next LadyGaGa concert is next. A guest spot on “Survivor” would be excellent. What idiocy.

  3. Do it, Keith! How funny. I went to Red Lobster and they said someone had eaten them all, but the crab was good.

    Just kidding. I can’t afford the Blobster these days.