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Obama Reveals Terror Threat was Real

Interesting, the White House decided to have President Obama break the news, rather than just comment on it.

Speaking in the briefing room at about 4:20 this afternoon, Obama revealed that authorities identified “two suspicious packages bound for the United States” bound “specifically, two places of Jewish worship in Chicago.”

And the packages were indeed dangerous. “Initial examination of those packages has determined that they do apparently contain explosive material,” he said.

5 thoughts on “Obama Reveals Terror Threat was Real”

  1. From what I have can tell thus far:

    1. The packages were “live”.
    2. Addresses of the packages were directed to several Jewish synagogues in Chicago (possibly Philadelphia).
    3. The packages have been made innert (per Brennan) and are being studied for authorship (normal routine).
    4. FEDEX has stopped all shipments FROM Yemen as of today.

    My take is:

    a. This was NOT a dry run, but rather an actual terrorist attack on Jewish synagogues.

    b. I’ve worked for a Jewish non-profit before … those packages were designed to kill as many people at the synagogue as possible.

    c. There will probably be other copy-cat style attacks in the future in the same vein.

    d. Jewish organizations will begin laagering for defense and security (as they did in both Gulf Wars), hiring local police officers, security details and monitoring all incoming mail.

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  3. JE,

    Barack H. Obama is a virulent anti-Semite. He gives off a pro-pan Arab, pro-Islamic stench that can be smelled in Cairo ( wait, now I remember, he gave a speech there TRASHING this country and praising the pedophiliphic terrorist Mohammed ). He is, as many Americans truly believe in their hearts, “no friend of Israel.”

    I am not suprised that the packages were detailed to these places. Obama has never ONCE stood up for Israel, Jews, Judaism or praised Christian-Jewish relations. He has praised a ferocious religion that murders Christians, Jews, homosexuals and other “unclean” … and this leads the Islamofascists to attack Jewish synagogues in this country.

  4. What really suprises me more than anything else was how our nation voted Mr. Obama in without ANY BACKGROUND CHECK. The Democrats made lateral use of the race card even accusing Bill and Hillary of racsim during the contentious Carolina primaries; later as Obama gained messianic status as the wins racked up, ANY attempt to call him on his hate speech, his radical ideas, his Marxist sympathies, whatever – was grounds for racism. Propagandists like Matthews and Olberman made sure that any attempt to make the Obama Campaign explain things was ridiculed, attacked, smothered. Obama won. The crowds went wild. Everyone cried. David Moraniss, Presidential biographier-extroidinaire stated only hours after the victory, “this is the greatest President in the history of this Republic. He will go down in history as one of America’s greatest sons.” Even my parents shed a tear.

    Boy have times changed.

    The opaqueness of this young man has been removed / “the veil has been lifted” / and Americans (and many of our allies) can see that Barack Obama has a feet of clay. He was propped up as an iconoclastic monolith, untouchable, breathless, shining, reverential, presidential, sexy, smooth, beautiful, cool. What goes up …. must come down.

    We dont attack Mr. Obama because he’s black, liberal or a Democrat. We have simply revealed (as has the media, independent bloggers and radio talkers) WHO he is … and that has turned out to be much more scary than either Saw III (3-D) or the return of Michael Meyers (“he couldnt get on the airplane because of the hockey mask, so boy is he pissed!”)

    For such an interesting man, Obama had SO much going for him. When he speaks from the heart, you cant HELP but like him. Keith wrote a great squib on Obama when he gave a heart warming speech during a Medal of Honor Ceremony …. as much as I detest him, I read Keith’s article, watched the ceremony on FOX and could not help but shed a tear. srdem posted a really reverential post: Obama did a great job, a wonderful job. It’s times that this that you really like Obama you take him to heart you say to yourself, “he’s my President, warts and all.”

    It’s sad as hell really.

    I think a lot of us thought Obama might pull the country together and put Camelot back on the map.

    But Camelot was a myth, concocted by those who wished for a monarchy. Now Barack-alot has ended as well, in about the same time as Camelot. Were now seeing the slow death of his Presidency as its picked apart, bit by bit, sentence by sentence, photo op by photo op, vulture-like by the media (his onetime supporters), Americans and the electorate. In the end, the electorate are the feeding frenzy; all that will be left of Barack-olot will be scavenged peices of a Presidency that “once was” and lots and lots of those three-color posters that preached Hope and Change.

  5. I kept asking who is this guy? Why did he get that 2004 convention speech (Reid maybe, still not sure). I thought he was set up by someone…it never felt right. Then (I watched MessNBC in those days) came the weird slantedness, the Newsweek guys saying he was the new Roosevelt, the Second Coming, the next face for Mt Rushmore…etc. What? He had written two autobiographies by age 40-something…or his name was on them anyhow. Why two? I still don’t get this whole thing…and it’s still happening.

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