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He Said It!

There’s been significant speculation about whether President Obama would use the word terrorism in his remarks on . . . terrorism.

Well, he did it, promising to remain vigilant against “terrorism.”

I had suggested he might say we should oppose ‎”activities obnoxious to the cause of peace,” but I was wrong.

6 thoughts on “He Said It!”

  1. I heard it also. For some reason he would not take any questions. He’s probably upset that the Religion of Peace has once again struck so close to home, upsetting his golfing plans this weekend.

    It is interesting right now, as John Brennan (no friend of Israel) is remaining a bit standoffish in not going into detail that the bombs were *directed against* synagogues in Chicago and Philadelphia. Brennan shares the same tragic, opaque view of Israel that the Carter, Reagan and Clinton Administration did: Israel and the Palestinians are (somehow) morally equivalent.

  2. While these people do cause terror with their cowardly attacks, a better descripition of them would be “serial killers”. They meet every critieria of modern serial killers who strike somewhat randomly, delight in the murder and mutilation of strangers and have no remorse for their actions. Their actions bring them nothing tangible except comtempt and retailiation.

    The US is only their sometime target; their main target is people of their own religion. As I understand the jihad, their murder and mutilation of their fellow worshipers is forbidden and yet they persist.
    Serial Killers.

  3. I have no doubt that probably several thousand extremists of the 1.5 billion Muslims work every minute of every day on ways to kill infidels, European, American, whereever they can. I also assume our people are working every minute of every day to find leads and intercept efforts. This is what they are hired to do! Is this the only time they actually connected? It can’t be…

  4. Deep down, in the privacy of their homes, I TRULY BELEIVE that most Muslims cheer the grisly extermination of Jews, Christians and homosexuals. Millions cheered on 911 even though the left-wing, anti-Semitic, anti-American, pro-Marxist media said “only Palestinians” cheered. Not true.

    Having talked with a vicious anti-Semitic Islamic mullah in Dallas (who refused to shake my hand because I was “unclean”), the feeling among millions of Muslims is reflected in the totalitarian governments that continue to take power across the Middle East, all of which are given ascent by ruling, religious, radicalized, Islamic mullahs.

    Remember one fact: Islam exterminates homosexuals. The left-wing filth in this country that are pro-Islamic don’t seem to understand this fact, nor the massive gay support Obama receives, or the liberal Jewish voters who click his box each election cycle.

    I wonder sometimes just WHERE the real leaders are anymore. The Republicans are old, doddering, blubbering fools. The Dem’s are now firmly in Marx and Lenin’s camp.

    Want to live under Sharia Law? I think some days Barack would rather live under that system than ours.

  5. I don’t go as far as some of you guys. I can’t say the president is a seething antisemite or bloodthirsty crocodile or whatever.I did call him out for a phony from the jump, and if he is these things and purported not to be, we are both right, I guess. May I be honest…some of the comments on here are making me cringe.

  6. Cringe? Why?

    In Barack Obama I see a leader drunk with power who is a quiet (but virulent) anti-Semite. His hatred of Israel is well known; the pro-Islamic John Brennan was but one appointee (among many) to show his disdain for the Jewish state and his support for pan-Arab extermism. Forget that Obama has equated Israel and the Palestianians are moral equivalents, not realizing that it is still the MISSION STATEMENT of the PA to destroy Israel and make the Middle East “judenrein” — Jew free. And Obama (like Bush, Clinton and Reagan) is ready to DO ANYTHING for the Palestinians in order to have “peace.” [ Remember the Palestinians supported Hitler during the Second World War. They also raised two divisions of SS Muslim troops that raped, pilaged,shot, murdered and exterminated across Jugoslavia, 1943-45 until the SS had to demob them they were so bloodthirsty. Forget that the syphilitic, AIDS-afflicted pedophile terrorist Yassir Arafat murdered, shot, hung, dismembered, beheaded and blew airliners out of the sky to destroy Israel …. and was awarded a Nobel Prize for it. Forget that almost *every* nation in the Middle East is anti-Semtic ]. Then again with Obama facts dont count.

    BTW, they unveiled a statue of the virulent anti-Semite, pro-Arab James Baker in Houston, Texas over the week. Baker’s law firm has been hired by the Saudi’s to fight law suits brought against them by 911 families. Insane.

    Anti-Semitism is also quite prevalent among the cocktail-swilling, doddering fools of the right as well.

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