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Obama’s Golden Temple No-Go

President Obama won’t be visiting the Golden Temple during his upcoming trip to India, turns out.

What is the Golden Temple? No, it’s not Chinese takeout. It’s the holiest site in Sikhism.

But if he went there, he’d have to put on some kind of headdress that would make him look to Americans like he was all gotten up in Muslim gear. And, oh boy, what a PR pain in the ass.

The White House of course says this had nothing to do with it. According to Deputy National Security Adviser Benjamin Rhodes:

I think if you look at — the schedule that we ended up is the schedule that best advances the purposes and interests of the trip.  We’ve got a very packed three days in Mumbai and Delhi that speak to those priorities, that reach out to the Indian people as well.

So we arrived at the schedule we arrived at because we thought it was the best way to have a successful trip.  We’ve visited multiple religious sites — mosques, churches, synagogues — on foreign travel.  We’ll do so on this trip, probably in Indonesia.  So I think that the decision we made was driven by, again, the interests of time, how to best advance our common interests with India in these three days.  And, unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to get to get to every place we advanced.

Well, don’t believe it. The White House “advanced” the temple, meaning people went out there to have a look-see and prepare for a presidential visit. I mean, even if the above is the truth, ain’t no way he was gonna go and put another feather in the cap of those who say he’s reciting the Koran late at night in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Here’s a good rundown from a few days ago of the Golden Temple situation by the website

6 thoughts on “Obama’s Golden Temple No-Go”

  1. Oh heck, MrO, just go to the mosque but carry a NewTestamentBible, wear a Catholic rosary and a Star of David pendant around your neck.
    Last, but not least, use the American flag as a headpiece.

  2. I don’t think we need to reach out to the Indian people by having our President take another huge, expensive trip. First, the Indian people are among our largest immigrant groups — and many are coming here illegally as well — thanks for the illegals, India! Second, having paid for Prezzy’s campaign trips, it’s wrong to make taxpayers pay for another holiday tour, and that is what this is.

    I maintain that Obama is positioning himself for some sort of post-Presidential international role as Wise Man of the World. Too bad he will still be on our dime for his security as he roams the earth dispensing canned avuncular advice and amature psychological insights. Of course, the world had an orgasm when he did his pre-election Apology Tour, so why shouldn’t it share our post-election pain?

  3. This whole trip idea makes me tired to even post on it. Waves of languor…Can’t he just sit in his nice office and talk to economists and get an idea or something? A clue? Just one day without the pointy finger is all I ask.

  4. This reminded me of a wacky thought I had the other day. What if this is End of Days–and because of the 24-hr-news-cycle and modern education, such as it is, we just sort of bat it away? The Antichrist? Nah, sort of a confused Harvard egghead with an attitude. The tornadoes and storms–maybe the earth is getting warmer or something and disturbing the air currents. The pestilence–Bird Flu, H1N1, HIV–work harder on vaccines. War–well, sure, but not on our land. Pish-tosh…The election will clear this up…

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