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Harry Reid Saves the World

Wait a second here, I thought Obama saved the world from Depression. Not only did he tell us this, but he reminds of it every day.

But here’s an ad making fun of Harry Reid for claiming it was HIM. No, it wasn’t produced by the White House, but by the NRSC. Maybe Obama saved the world from small-d depression – you know, made us happy. I don’t know, it’s confusing.

HT to Media Lizzy.

5 thoughts on “Harry Reid Saves the World”

  1. In all fairness, parts of MrReid’s comments were taken out of context.
    Like most of Tuesday’s losing candidates, he’s been in the job too long and is out of touch with the realities that we’re all facing.

  2. His sentence starts something like this..”some people might think I saved,etc. He’s apparently aiming for a false, modest, bragging atta-boy.
    Just a typical politico-speaker.

    I always thought MrReid must have had nimble feet to navigate the snakepit of Nevada politics. He must have stepped on someone’s tail lately.

  3. When Reid made the comment, “This war is lost” – he forever shot himself in the foot, politically. He is a old, bumbling, elite, liberal FOOL who will most likely be forcibly retired in three days time. To make such a statement during the Global War on Terror while troops were on the ground fighting shows what a prig this rickety, pathetic, shell of a human being he is.

    Once more we search for REAL LEADERS in this nation, FIGHTERS …. and between the old, doddering, bumbling, pathetic Republicans and the pro-Marxist, anti-American, anti-Semitic Democrats … there are none. There are no Patrick Henry’s, no Teddy Roosevelt’s, no Goldwaters. We are left with old, composting, innane, pathetic men and women who are ready to sell this nation to the highest bidder.

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