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Clinton: “We’re Down With Peaceful Iran Nukes!”

According to the Obama administration, Iran’s newly cranked-to-life Bushehr reactor presents no threat. We got it under control, because there are AGREEMENTS  with Iran not to use the spent nuclear fuel rods to start creating nuclear weapons.

Tehran has agreed that Russia will take the fuel rods, thank you very much. And the mullahs will allow inspectors to monitor everything.

Here was the analysis of the situation by Gibbs at Tuesday’s briefing.

This reactor is monitored by the IAEA with cooperation from Russia.  It should not — again, we have a monitoring — we have monitoring in place.

Well, we have monitoring in place and cooperation with Russia UNTIL IRAN BREAKS ITS AGREEMENT WITH RUSSIA AND THROWS THE INSPECTORS OUT.

At that point, we don’t have monitoring in place.

The treatment of Iran’s thugs as a normal people who can be reasoned with of course stems from the President Obama’s “outreach” to the regime, which so far has received the predictably snarling response.

Such attitude leads to statements like this one made Monday by Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton, who appears to be auditioning for his own show on Comedy Central. Burton was commenting on Iran’s infiltration of the Afghani leadership using big bags of money.

I have seen those reports, and I think the American people and the global community have every reason to believe that — or every reason to be concerned about Iran trying to have a negative influence on Afghanistan.  But they have a responsibility just like all their neighbors to try to have a positive influence on the formation of a government there, and to ensure that Afghanistan is not a country where terrorists can find safe harbor, or where attacks can be planned on their soil.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s pretty funny. A responsibility to have a positive influence? And ensure that Afghanistan is not a country where terrorists can find safe harbor?? What exactly is he talking about?

This is like saying Al Capone has a responsibility to prevent crime in Chicago. Iran is trying to destroy us in Iraq and Afghanistan, has vowed to nuke Israel and is the world’s top fomenter of international terrorism. Are statements like Burton’s actually made by non-hallucinating people?

Here’s our Secretary of State rather petulantly insisting that nothing is amiss and that Iran has a “right” to peaceful nuclear power.

Iran isn’t ENTITLED to anything. It’s leaders, who will run the “peaceful” nuclear power, are the most pernicious source of evil in the world today. Iran is ENTITLED to regime change.

4 thoughts on “Clinton: “We’re Down With Peaceful Iran Nukes!””

  1. This must be Phase II of the “Obama Apology Tour” where we show love and understanding to our enemies who are planning to nuke us and our allies.

    Carmac the Mag; we hope your prediction is wrong. Maybe you could re-shuffle the Taro cards and try again.

  2. Was anyone suprised?

    An ivy-league, Chicagothugland-style politician and an ardent Marxist-feminist who tell us that these are really “warm fuzzy” nukes? I knew from the word “go” that Obama and Clinton were going to cave in like a sinkhole in East Texas, the question was just when. And with Israel either unwilling or unable to bomb the pre-selected targets, we are once more back at the starting gate.

    MEMO TO DAVID AXELROD: “Hope and change” can’t stop a 40-ton megaton blast. Only an advanced radar strike on the Iranian nuke fields can.

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