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Obama Has Raised at Least $73.5 Million in 2010

Despite his lagging popularity, President Obama this year has raised a sizable sum of cash for Democrats, hauling in a total of at least $73.5 million for Democrats from 69 events, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News.

Knoller, who is well known for his careful record keeping at the White House, said organizers of a few events attended by the president refused to release their fundraising tally, so Obama’s total 2010 haul is likely somewhat higher than the recorded sum.

But Obama’s  take lags far behind the amount raised by former President George W. Bush during a similar period, the midterm elections of 2006. Bush in all of 2006 generated $127.5 million from 74 events, according to Knoller.

Bush topped Obama even though his popularity was lower than Obama’s is today. With Iraq in a virtual state of chaos, Bush’s approval numbers were most of the time in the 30-percent range during 2006, while Obama has mostly stayed well into the 40’s this year.

Like Republicans today, Democrats were resurgent in 2006, picking up the House from the GOP, so both presidents were fighting a degree of disenchantment within their Parties as they passed the hat around.

Obama still has four more fundraisers scheduled – each for the DNC – at events this weekend in Philadelphia, Bridgeport, Conn., Chicago and Cleveland. So if his current rate of just over a million dollars an event holds, Obama’s total for the year could be close to $80 million. He’s unlikely to do much more fundraising after this weekend since Election Day is next Tuesday

Obama most recent fundraisers were Monday night, when he brought in a total of about $500,000 from two events in Providence, R.I.

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  2. This story reminds me of the hunter who goes in the woods and kills a little brown bear. A big brown bear sees him and punishes him by asking him to bend over. The furious humiliated hunter vows revenge. Next week he comes and kills the big brown bear. An even bigger brown bear sees him and bends him over. This is the last straw, he vows to kill this bear too. Nest week he is in the woods again, kills the bear when a huge mean grisly bear sees him. The grisly taps him on the shoulder and asks him: You don’t come in the woods to hunt, do you?
    The moral of the story is that “we the dumb people” do not go to the voting boot to change things. The republicans and the democrats are the right and left wing of the same bird of pray. So, go vote for them and after that, please, please bend over. Of course you can vote for the independents and save yourself the humiliation.

    Obama’s approval is only in the 30’s. But saying it at what it is, 37% sounds worse than saying ‘in the 40’s’ , eh?


  4. Why would he want to raise money for losing candidates? He is going to be the highest money raiser in the history of American politics in 2012, because in the end like any good Chicago politician it’s all about him.

  5. Titus:

    Great point.

    I was a libertarian for many years until I realized the party was run by 60’s hippies who were more interested in smoking doobies that pushing libertarian candidates and freedom issues. In the ’92 campaign, Harry Browne (an excellent candidate) barely made a ripple. If TP candidates win 50% of their races, then the media will take them serious and I think more people may begin to vote for the “I” between the two major parties.

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  7. About 15% of americans are black – African Americans – and they are a solid block for Obama and the Democrats – have been for years. Without them Obama’s numbers are more like 25% and Buch’s numbers were more like 40%. Just shows what a solid block does to the numbers. The Dems have blacks, unions, gays, the media, and academics, so what do they have among “the people”?

  8. The real fundraising will begin 2 days after the election when he and 200 of his closest CEO friends travel to India for a special meeting at the TajMahal with other global moneymen.

    His latest comments to the Hispanic community that would encourgage them to “punish their enemies” (American law abiding citizens) are outrageous and the most unAmerican thing a sitting President has ever said.

  9. The US is and always has been a center-right country. The only question is which party wants to take and hold that ground. If not an R, then certainly not a D. Maybe an I after all..

  10. it would be nice for someone who had the privalege to be white house reporter to actually put his postings in context, but like most pundits its contact sport who raised more bush or obama maybe if the contribution limits for individuals was still $50,000.00 like they were for Bush maybe compare max contributions to Bush’s and you would find a different conclusion this posting might be a legitimate contrast but more lazy reporting from the beltway echo chamber I guess I dont expect much out of jouno’s anymore

  11. Kieth I enjoy your blog I appreciate you responding, I guess I was refering to statistics Mark Knoler posted sometime last week along the lines of Bush, Obama fundrasing where he stated that during Bush Admin limits were $50,000.00 whereas now due FEC it is $30,400.00 i wanted to post a link yesterday but couldnt dig it up and got busy, if I am wrong I stand corrected I will try to dig up what I read. Tell me if I am wrong

  12. well only thig I can can conclude is Knoller was smoking some grass and reminicing of woodstock and/or maybe he was comparing to 2002 both of there first midterms which the limits may have bee different? Couldnt find limits for 02 on open secrects must admit I didnt look to hard hoping u will? LOL

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