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Holy Sit, Obama!

At a fundraiser tonight in Rhode Island, the President Obama became a little tongue tied. From the pool report.

POTUS stuck to stump speech, once confusing New Hampshire for Rhode Island and an unfortunate tongue tied moment when he said “We can’t have special interest sh*tting… Sitting shotgun.”

The official transcript omitted the misfire, but recorded the reaction.

We can’t have special interests sitting shotgun.  (Laughter.)

OK, say sitting shotgun ten times fast and see what happens.

5 thoughts on “Holy Sit, Obama!”

  1. “Sitting shotgun” is a phrase made famous in the Old West by the men who rode with the stage coach that was carrying the gold or valuables.
    It seems to be a fitting description of the path our gov’t is taking.

    If our politicians on both sides would follow the Code of the Old West we’d all be better off:
    Don’t steal another man’s horse or cattle
    Respect another man’s fence
    Don’t shoot a man in the back
    Protect the women and children
    Live and let live.

  2. srdem, GREAT point. So very true about the West, as well. The code of the West was true libertarianism: open prostitution, gambling, open carry of firearms. The lib’s however, are busy, in the best doubleplusungood re-writing the history of the Old West to be homophobic and Islamophobic ….

    I laughed when I read “sh*tting shotgun.” On November 3rd, after Mr. Obama turns on CNN and see’s the spanking he’ll be sh*tting shotgun for the next week . . .

  3. I am holding a Super Tuesday party at my palatial pad for my clients. Most are (heart) hardened Dem’s so there will be long faces by 9pm when Nancy Pelosi is tossed on her keester and John “I never saw a tanning machine I did not like” Boehner takes the gavel. It’s been a tradition of mine every two years (or during major elections) to shut down work around 3pm, bring out the pizza, beer, pretzels, cheetos, soda’s and sit back and “watch the show.” I like CNN the best because of the dramatic video illustrations along with that silly bumper music before they make a “major announcement.” Amazing that we can sit and watch . . . quietly . . . as a transfer of power takes place in our nation and only thing we have to fear is constapation from all the bad food.

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