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The Bush and Obama Dance-Off

This is funny, but also has a weird vibe to it. Anyway, thought you might like on a Sunday morning.

3 thoughts on “The Bush and Obama Dance-Off”

  1. Both FAILED Presidents with failed presidencies. So what better than to . . . dance!

    Sad to say Mr Bush was from my state. He was a kick ass governor, signed concealed carry into law and closed the cookie jar (Democratic spending). Little did we know he would become our first Socialist President (BHO is the second) and a liberal globalist like his father before him.

    MEMO TO WH STAFF: NEVER allow POTUS into a position where he has to dance and make an ass out of himself (and the country).

    I never understood just WHY Bush did that little buck-and-wing on the WH steps????????? I have watched that video over and over (the original footage) … what gives?

    Argh. When will these “men” (they are real men, yes?) act like real men?

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