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It’s Beautiful Out. Mr. Obama Goes Golfing

Golf outing No. 54 of the Obama presidency. From the pool report.

Uneventful motorcade departed White House 11:42 am and arrived Andrews AFB 12:08 pm under sunny, warm skies and light breeze.

Photogs saw President Obama emerge WH solo wearing a white golf shirt, and he appeared to be carrying his own foil-wrapped sandwich.

9 thoughts on “It’s Beautiful Out. Mr. Obama Goes Golfing”

  1. The earthquake is rumbling and will arrive Nov2, then the tsunami of bad press and outraged taxpayers will swamp the O’s lavish vacation to India.
    Might as well golf.

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  3. “Wild Presidents Gone Golfing” should be the next video Granny Jan.

    I am not sure WHY Presidents golf because its (a.) not masculine, (b.) a rich man’s game and (c.) gives off a bad odor to the electorate that you dont care while you golf with your rich, belt-way buddies.

    Why not visit the troops instead? Go to the VA hospital and look those men in the eye and tell em they did their country proud? Run with the Marines at Quantico?

    MEMO TO BARACK H. OBAMA: Your “time” is not your own. You belong to the U.S. You belong to the men and women of the Armed Services who you order to their deaths on a daily basis. You owe it to them to spend AS MUCH TIME WITH THEM as possible.

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