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Obama Sketches Imaginary Republican Plots

Take a look at what Obama said last night during a rally for Senate Majority Leader Reid in Las Vegas.  Is this really, I ask you, what Republicans thought back in 2008?

The Republican leaders in Washington, they made a different decision.  Here’s the thing, they realized what a big mess they had made.  They said, boy, we screwed up so bad, it is going to take a really long time to recover those 8 million jobs that were lost.  It’s going to take a long time before the housing market fully recovers.  So our best bet, instead of trying to help Obama and Harry Reid to solve problems, we’re going to stand on the sidelines, sit on our hands, and basically just say no to everything.


THE PRESIDENT:  Their theory was, people will forget that we were the ones who caused all this stuff, and we’ll be able to blame them, and people will be so angry and frustrated that we’ll be able to ride this anger all the way to the ballot box.  That was their theory.

In other words, they are basically betting on all of you having amnesia.  (Laughter.)  They’re basically — they’re banking on the fact that you might forget who got us in this mess in the first place.

It’s already bad that we have a man who is supposed to be the leader of us all playing the role instead of a hyper-partisan pol in order to maintain his power. But it’s just as bad to have a president who is JUST PLAIN SILLY.

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  1. Every speech MrO makes that insults, belittles, ridicules and lies about the Repubs makes bi-partisanship impossible. His own Dem base will be reluctant to further his way-left agenda for fear of the voters wrath.
    He sounds more and more like a “one and out” president.

    The Prez’s message that the Repubs are worse than the Dems is hardly encouraging.

  2. And might I add–with my stupid non-ivy degree back when dinos roamed, I STILL spend more time on politics and his presidency than he does. I sure play less golf, that’s for sure!

  3. Just curious. If Obama is wrong about the Republicans’ strategy, exactly what strategy have they pursued? Mostly I hear about how, if only the tax cut for the wealthy is left intact, more jobs wil be created. Hmmm, how is that so, since there’s no evidence that the tax cut created jobs before, at least not in the US? On the other hand, it just took me an hour longer than usual to get home from an event because of all the road infrastructure work being done with stimulus money. Meanwhile, wealthy bankers, bailed out thanks to the Bush bailout plan (supported by Dems, to be sure, and now denied by the Republicans) are sitting on billions of dollars that they’re not lending. Whose fault is that? I think it’s time that elected officials of both parties take a look at what is REALLY happening at the grassroots. Maybe those who have suddenly become budget deficit hawks (funny how they didn’t give a damn about that during the Bush years) should spend a week in a homeless shelter or without enough food. It’s no wonder so many Americans are disgusted.

    1. Well, I think it’s a good point that you don’t hear too much about the Republican agenda, but remember that they are not in power and the Democrats have, despite outreach photo ops, made pretty clear they’re not interested in their ideas. From the get go, the Democrats wrote an $800 billion stimulus bill WITHOUT Republican input. Maybe you remembers what Pelosi said at the time, “Yes, we wrote the bill. Yes, we won the election.” The GOP wanted more tax cuts in the bill and less of a Christmas tree with long term projects that had nothing to do with stimulating the economy. They got steamrollered. So it’s really disingenuous for Obama to accuse Republicans of wanting to just sit things out in order to destroy him.

      And George, not sure what you mean – there’s plenty of evidence the Bush tax cuts created jobs and helped get us out of the Clinton recession. And extending the higher end tax cuts would also create jobs but, more importantly, keep the economy getting hit with a tax increase. One big reason banks are sitting on all that money is that business are unwilling to invest because they’re waiting to see the shakeout from all the new regulations Obama is imposing.

      Should we all spend a week in a homeless shelter? Probably. But the massive expansion of government over the last 40 years has done nothing to change the poverty rate.

  4. Anonna:
    Good points and addresses the the Hope&Change that we thought was coming.
    Instead, we got the same old, only worse.

    The tea party insurgency was never about electing our own candidates; it was all about changing the direction that both parties were taking us.
    Consider the movement a ‘shot across the bow’, a warning that if you don’t get our financial house in order and quit intruding on our private lives, we’ll make sure you won’t have to worry about the traffic on the beltway anymore whether you’re Dem or Repub.

  5. These “plots” Mr. Obama weaves into his speeches (which are now, nothing more than attempts, in Charles Krauthammer’s words to “change the debate”) mirror that of President and Mrs. Clinton’s silly conundrum they cooked up after Mr. Clinton had sex with a 21-year old White House employee and then lied about it to everybody. When the poll numbers showed Mr. Clinton facing an inevitable beating (with possible impeachment), she concocted another right-wing conspiracy theory that the left-wing, Marxist media (especially the Clinton News Network) picked up and ran with.

    Mr. Obama is using the same tactics. Talks of plots, retrenchments, republican boogey-men, etc., et. al., comprise the same Marxist-Democratic talking points since 1992: when you have NOTHING TO RUN ON . . . scare the hell out of the electorate. Interestingly, Democrats are not running on Obamacare (passed), the stimulus (passed), cap and trade (failed) or Afghanistan (stagnant). Instead they are now resorting to scaring the moderates.

    Keep it up gentlemen, because the countdown has now begun: 10 days to go and counting . . .

    MEMO TO DAVID AXELROD: Keep the Chief Executive extolling the virtues of Socialism, attacking unseen forces not in play and conservative ideals 75% of Americans hold dear. Keep it up. America is about to hand you your AZZ on a platter.

  6. George,

    Election officials ARE taking a close look at the grassroots: they are about to join the nearly 11% of unemployed in this country on November 2nd . . .

    Marxist, anti-Semitic, anti-American, pro-Palestinian, bigoted Democrats who joined with Comrade Obama when he was first elected (extolling the virtues of Socialism and “world wide social ideals”) are about to HEAR from the electorate (pissed off moderates and Dem’s who voted for Mr. Obama) the tea partiers (who were villified as racists and bigots by your party) and grassroots right wing fascists (like me).

    On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 7:00 a.m. America will REPUDIATE Mr. Obama and his racist, bigoted insanity: America will vote out left-wing, Marxist Democrats and left-wing, liberal Republicans and vote in Democrats and Republicans who share THEIR values . . . not Mr. Obama’s values or Michelle’s . . . but the values of everyday, hardworking Americans (like me) who slave to pay the bills, put food on the table and make a living. Mr. Obama (a millionaire) KNOWS NOTHING about our nation or how we work, how we make a living. He eats caviar, broiled lobster and drinks the finest French wine while Americans suffer. He plays golf while American soldiers are killed in Afghanistan. He partys with the Hollywood elite in posh zillion dollar mansions while American famlies can’t even buy clothes for their kids. In this economy he has not set the standard of frugality or led by example; he chose to live and reign as a Marxist dictator, a failed monarch.

    George, this is not about “elected officials”, CNN, Keith Olberman or any of the left-wing, Marxist lunatics that inhabit the bowels of the White House … its about us. The United States, the workers, the people, OUR values, OUR way of life. Not Barack or Michelle.

  7. We saw some road-widening here in little Chandler AZ the other day, but where were the jobs? Usually, one guy digs, two stand there and watch. No watchers.Distinct change. As for the tax cuts, they did goose the econ when they went in 10 yrs ago and if you take them away now, it amts to a tax increase, which could dampen any tiny little nascent improvements. If any. Keeping the cuts means keeping status quo–but at least not worse.

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