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Obama: Republicans Would Repeal Financial Reform

In this week’s address. President Obama touts the financial reform bill – Democrats have labeled it Wall Street Reform to make it more appealing – and says Republicans will act to repeal it.

This is a good and fair strategy, for once, out of the White House. The financial reform legislation is actually about the only major piece of legislation Obama has signed that is actually popular. And Republicans have made noises about repealing it, though it’s really not realistic that the entire law would ever be repealed. But THEY DID SAY IT.

2 thoughts on “Obama: Republicans Would Repeal Financial Reform”

  1. Translation: Yeah, we gave your money to the big boys on Wall Street who were having a rough patch. Now that we’re broke, you and the family will just have to tough it out, but we feel your pain.
    You should blame the evil Repubs and not us.

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