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Obama Sweetens a Boy’s Day

Yes, I’m a sucker for these things. From the pool report tonight in Las Vegas.

9,000 people turned out for Obama’s outdoor rally at Orr Middle school in Las Vegas.  Event was open press.

Nice post-rally rope line moment courtesy of NYT’s Doug Mills:

Young boy in front row waiting to shake potus’s hand. As Obama passed and crowd surged, potus didn’t see the boy and moved on.

At that, the boy started to cry. Reid, who was walking behind,  saw the boy crying and asked what was wrong.  Told what had happened, the senator then went and got Obama’s attention.  Potus came back, shook the boy’s hand and patted his head. Doug has a nice photo of the boy, eyes still red, smiling at potus.

4 thoughts on “Obama Sweetens a Boy’s Day”

  1. I always watch the audiences, as I have said. When he does the handshake deal, he never looks at anybody except for that hugging deal once in a while–after which he probably bathes in hand sanitizer.

  2. Star,

    VERY good point.

    Several correspondents have stated (Keith, I want your take on this) Mr. Obama makes NO eye contact with those he talks with and his handshake feels like you’ve grabbed a cold, dead fish. He’s the Chicago version of The Situation from Jersey Shore!

    THIS is what happens when liberal guilt plays out in the open like a bad French opera:

    ***Scene 1: America elects a wimpy, swarmy, non-masculine, sympathetic, cafeteria Marxist who has no values (along with a wife who has been described as “low rent”) who wears a FEMALE bicycle helmet (riding a ladies bike), eats lobster, caviar, and drinks $1000 wine while his nation suffers double-digit unemployment ….

    *** Scene 2: … whose brother lives in a dirt-trodden, lice-ridden cardboard box outside Nairobi,

    *** Scene 3: … a mentally-disturbed Aunt who lives in America on the dole and

    *** Scene 4: … mafioso-linked friends in Chicago.

    Welcome to the new MTV series: CHICAGOLICIOUS.

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