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Obama’s Base Politics

President Obama has checked most of the boxes during the past few weeks as he seeks to remind members of the Democratic base how much they like him and how they need to get out to vote Nov. 2 to prevent what they know as the Evil Empire – aka the Tea Party – from taking over.

Today’s faction on the appeasement and political stimulation agenda is women.

The gender group that swooned the most for the president in 2008 needs some perking up just like everyone else, so the Obama today is doing one obvious political event – a speech for Sen. Patty Murray –  and one stealth political event masquerading as some kind of women’s economic discussion in somebody’s backyard. ONLY WOMEN ARE INVITED. Imagine if he had done an event where only men were invited.

And then it’s on to California tonight, where Sen. Babara Boxer is in the fight of her life.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve gotten done so far:

Blacks: Check! Obama made appearances in African American areas of Maryland and Philadelphia.

Hispanics: Check! Obama turned a mundane executive order on Hispanic education into a full fledged East Room extravaganza. Fiesta!

Students: Check! The president staged a rally at the University of Wisconsin and appeared on MTV, remembering to DROP ALL THE G’S FROM WORDS ENDING IN “ING”. And then of course there’s the appearance on The Daily Show next week.

Grassroots Obama Lovers: Check! Obama took softballs from members of his very own Organizing for America activist group during an OFA “town hall meeting”

But . . .

Gays: NO CHECK! No events focusing on gay people, since Obama knows he will get heckled right out of the room for failing to finish off Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Jews: NO CHECK! Not sure why. Maybe he’s concerned he will have to justify his “evenhanded” approach toward the Palestinians.

Aging Sixties Hippies: NO CHECK!!  Nothing at all for creaky granola set, except one attempt to scare them into thinking Republicans are going to destroy Social Security.

7 thoughts on “Obama’s Base Politics”

  1. Where’s the love?

    RE: GAYS. It’s obvious that Obama’s support FOR DADT has kept some left-wing Gay organizations up at night . . . and why not? Mr. Obama promised to end DADT and gays voted in the thousands for him (this one did not). Now he’s fighting the very policy Mr. Clinton put in place which angered the far-left gay fascists then, and angers them now.

    ITEM: Look for more *heated* protests, more heckling, more dissent from the HRC and the Gay and Lesbian Task Force as both November and 2012 loom closer. Look for many GLBT organizations to withhold votes, endorsements and $ from the Dem’s.

    RE: JEWS. First Rahm is accosted at the Western Wall and called an anti-Semite and then heckled (and booed) by another crowd. Second, a poll is released in Israel: 65% of Israeli’s beleive Mr. Obama is pro-Palestinian and does not have their best interests at heart. You think? Mr. Obama’s anti-Semitism has been well established; his hatred of the Jewish state, like that of James Baker, former Secretary of State for Ronald Reagan, is clear for all to see. [ And remember, Palestinian kindergarten still teach that (a.) Adolf Hitler was a great man (b.) Yassir Arafat is near deity (though he died of AIDS and was a pedohphile) and (c.) Jews remain *untermeschen* and must be driven into the sea. ].

    ITEM: A large number of Jews will vote Republican this year and in 2012. The % of Jewish support Obama had (which I beleive was 75%) will ebb. Look for the national Jewish organizations (especially Jewish Bonds and AIPAC) to overwhelmingly support the Rep’s.

    RE: HIPPIES. Where’s the love? The Doonesbury comic strip in the late 80’s spoke the truth: kicking and screaming, they went back into capitalism. The hippie flirtation with Socialism was short lived. They finished school, got their degrees and went into business. Although hippies still vote Democrat (to assuage guilt) hippies deep down are capitalists.

    ITEM: The recent Quinnipiac Poll however shows that nearly 75% disagree with Obama’s version of capitalism and a recent Wall Street Journal-ABC poll showed that boomers are voting more centrists and right after each election.

    Boomers, Hippies, pot heads, and the ash and trash from the 60’s know one thing: you can’t pay for a $450,000 3-bedroom in Simi valley with marijuana.

    1. Tom, Jews are ripe for the plucking by Republicans, indeed. Many have cultural, religious, and political concerns about being aligned with Tea Party, but bad economy and danger to Israel will outweigh, I think.

  2. Who you callin’ “creaky granola set” sonny?? “hippies”??
    Us old fogeys either fought in the VietNam war or fought against it, debated women’s rights and the ERA, survived massive inflation, gasoline shortages, endured a contitutional crisis because of Nixon, Agnew, and Ford, were shocked by Hoover and the enemies of the state lists, and much, much more, but managed to raise our families, pay our taxes and keep our sanity.

    MrO and his administration aren’t old enough to understand the Senior generation and our steadfastness in times of crisis. They can’t win us over with threats or pie-in-the-sky programs paid with promises.

    The Prez is playing a dangerous and unwise game of “separate but equal” promotion of base groups. Charges of racism or something-phobia is a poor way to win an election or win over the voting public.

  3. Creaky yourself? Forties is when the wheels start to loosen and all the walking, fish oil, and titanium joints on earth won’t restore what you once had. As I often point out at the NY health thingie–nobody healthens to death. Well, Himself has not yet shored up lifelong Dems like SR and myself who now cringe at his every word and lie. Guess he heard about my policy of no warrant, no backyard confab, no exceptions.

  4. srdem: My apologies! Wow! I just got b*tch-slapped by a former hippie! :-)

    srdem, I can tell from your posts that you are a classic liberal in the best sense of the word; that Kennedy-esque style liberalism that was pro-business, anti-Communist through the thick and thin of the 60’s and 70’s.

    I remember Texas Democrats who shared these political traits down here. Those days are gone and the Democratic Party has been swept up in a tide of modern, milque toast Socialism. But occassionally I run across some classic liberals who are the fibre and fabric of our nation.

  5. Keith,

    RE: Jewish voters. I agree.

    I spoke with a former employee of a large Jewish organzation in Texas I used to work for and she (a liberal Democrat) said that come early voting in Dallas, she will be voting Republican across the board. “All I am going to do is vote for anything that has an “R” by it. “D” is anti-semitic. And if they are not, they are tainted by that anti-Jewish bigot in the White House.”

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