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Obama Buys Dozens of Doughnuts

The president stopped by a Seattle doughnut shop and loaded up. Here’s the pool report.

President Obama grabbed a couple dozen doughnuts at Top Pot Doughnuts, a small shop in downtown Seattle just a couple blocks from the hotel where he stayed last night.

At 9:15 a.m. pool was brought into the Top Pot. POTUS showed up in the presidential limo at 9:19 a.m. Before heading into the shop, POTUS walked across the street to greet some people who had gathered. POTUS entered Top Pot at 9:21 a.m.

“Hey guys,” POTUS said, eliciting cheers from the several dozen people who were in the place. He was with Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, whom he’ll headline an event for later today. POTUS greeted some eager diners who were standing near the entrance, cooing at a baby and shaking hands.

After greeting a few more people, POTUS stepped up to the counter to order as Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” played in the background. “Let’s see what we got here,” he said. Turning to members of his staff – Jim Messina, Robert Gibbs, Marvin Nicholson, Jon Favreau – who were standing near the door, POTUS yelled, “Are we buying a dozen?”

“A couple dozen?” he said after apparently being urged to get more than one.

“I think we’ve gotta sample everything right? So why don’t you just give us a sample,” he said to the clerk behind the counter. “Whatever you recommend.” His order placed, POTUS worked the room a bit more, shaking hands. “Everybody know Senator Murray?” He then headed upstairs with Murray, where about 15 customers had abandoned their doughnuts and coffee to focus on POTUS.

Even all the way in the Northwest, he can’t escape the Beltway. “Nice to see you guys,” he said to a father and two young boys who said they were from Virginia. “What grade are you in?” POTUS asked the boys. “First,” one of them said. The man told POTUS they were visiting from Virginia in town for a wedding. “I figured you must be on vacation,” he replied. “You got a little long weekend going on?”

“Is this sort of like a daily thing?” he asked the next group before he was informed they’re from Baltimore. As he walked back toward the stairs, a woman told POTUS about her work with animals. “Ok, well I’ll tell Bo that you said hello,” he replied. “Oh excellent,” she said.

Back downstairs, POTUS took out a bunch of $20 bills. He peeled off a couple and handed them to the cashier. After putting his change in the tip jar, he said, “One of the benefits of being president.” He then took a photo with the staff and Murray. “Everybody needs to remember to vote,” he said afterwards. He then went to the counter to pick up his two boxes of doughnuts

But before he left, he decided to try one. He opened the lid on of the boxes and told Murray, who stood with him, they were too big to eat alone. (Top Pot offers large “designer doughnuts” and even serves an Ovaltine latte.)

“Who wants a little sampler here,” POTUS said, turning to his staff near the entrance. Gibbs stepped up, taking a piece and sharing it with Messina. Murray had a piece too.

“This is outstanding,” POTUS said, as he took a bite. “You can’t eat this every day.” He was informed by an employee that some people do. “Oh really?” POTUS said.

8 thoughts on “Obama Buys Dozens of Doughnuts”

  1. Oh, boy–wait’ll the Cake Boss finds out he pounded in doughnuts. I would not want to be there…the cardigan buttons will be popping! At least he overpaid. Maybe he’s educable…nah.

  2. The Prez is on his way back to the local “Ritzy Hotel” where his every culinary wish would be granted but he feels the need to stop the multi-vehicle motorcade to visit a pastry shoppe and schmooze the customers.
    The SecretService agents, in a panicky mode, stand nearby with their hands near their weapons to protect this childish President who wants what he wants, now.
    He overtips while reminding the ‘small people’ that he’s the President. He is surprised that some people can eat pastry every day.
    Who the h*ll is he, anyway?

  3. Oh, is he staying at the Ritzy Carlton? You make me laff, SrDem. Thanks. There is a let them eat double glazed joke in there someplace but I am not crawling in after it.

  4. ITEM: Tipping is good. Over-tipping is even better. Besides being Prez, he is also a millionaire, so its good he spreads the wealth around. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry . . . and most people dont tip at all.

    ITEM: With FLOTUS on her “You eat what I tell you to eat, not what I eat” crusade I would like one of the left-wing brown-nose reporters to ask her what she thinks of her husband’s assault on the donut shop (which, by the way, I have been to. They have *excellent* cruelers and cinnamon rolls).

    ITEM: The President does not know that the obese and morbidly obese eat at fast food restaurants 3-5 days a week; McDonald calls them “heavy users”. When your quarantined from American life and live in a political bubble, I am not suprised he didn’t know that fact. Then again Bush II did not know how a scanner worked.

  5. The President does not know that the obese and morbidly obese eat at fast food restaurants 3-5 days a week

    Huh–what percentage? What is the study? Since more than half of adults are in this category, do they all eat fast food 3-5 times a week? Come on–this sounds kind of ridic, Tom. Nothing personal. But that is an assailable statement. That actually sounds like something the president and his wife THINK is true.

  6. Star,

    No, I didnot take it personal. I am a personal trainer and diet and nutrition are my expertise. Your probably familiar with SUPERSIZE ME (Dir. by Morgan Spurlock, 2003).

    Part 1: 4 min 25 sec.

    Well, its a left-wing hit peice on McDonalds, but Spurlock has some credible information in it, specifically about body mass index (BMI) and lean body mass (LBM) percentages of obese Americans. Although I am not a food purist (I eat at McDonalds once a month because I am ADDICTED to those fries and greasy burgers) I beleive the information he presented is true. And, yes, some of FLOTUS info is true about obesity among children. But Spurlocks film is excellent in that it traces our obesity to WHAT WE EAT. Or, as I tell me clients, “…its all about diet. All the working out in the world will do you no good unless you can discipline yourself to the seat of your pants and eat healthy, six out of seven days a week”.

  7. I was questioning that one stat–I don’t consider Spurlock esp credible. But that’st just me…although I am a long-time health reporter and not-thin, so I have an interest. Even BMI is challenged as a measure these days. This is so complicated, this whole subject of obesity. I just didn’t want the takeaway to be that obese people are obese because they eat at fast food places all the time–certainly poor food choices can be a factor, but only one.

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