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Barack and Michelle Make a Video

This is adorable. Just a happy couple, gettin’ out the vote together. The lighting makes clear that the president has increased his gray hair content by about 40 percent.

She performs pretty well in this, I’d say. I will be pretty surprised if she doesn’t eventually pull a Hillary and run for Senate after the administration ends in a selfless move to continue Obama’s important work.

She’s right about one thing: “People are gettin’ fired up.” But not the ones Democrats want.

17 thoughts on “Barack and Michelle Make a Video”

  1. The lighting? The whole video was artifically lightened to make the Obama’s skin tone look the same shade. MrsO is actually wearing a dark blue sweaterish blouse and the Prez is actually wearing a dark blue or black suit.

  2. Who plopped the wrong color toupee on her head? It was so distracting along with her too tight sweater worn backwards previously or she is wearing it backwards now? With MO you never know. However, she does a good job batting her false eyelashes at me and she does read a telepromptor better than BO.

  3. I am afraid that you are right. Michelle Antoinette will run for the Senate and will be elected. It will be her constituency’s revenge for what is going to happen to Demos in November this year. I can see them walking around thinking, “There! You didn’t like our President! Well, now you have Michelle in your face.”

    Someday we may have to contend with her running for President. She’s fairly young, lots of elections ahead.

    I could not bear to listen to their voices, but enjoyed watching their eyes dart back and forth as they scanned the teleprompter. Nothing like a message from the heart.

  4. Are they the laziest politicians ever or are their advisors tone deaf? Maybe they don’t take advice. Anyone could talk for one minute without a telepromptor. I might have to deconstruct the video for You Tube.

  5. That’s about as cheezy as it gets. I have never cared for the middle east look, sans tie, for the leader of the free world. Also, his constant hand gesture with the index finger and thumb together looks like he’s smoking a joint. It’s bad enough watching him follow the TOTUS when he’s reading but worse when he has to follow it during FLOTUS’s part. Is she wearing one of the daughters sweaters by mistake? Looks two sizes two small (kind of like the Grinch’s heart). Enough ranting.

  6. If they knocked on my door for Halloween, I would not give them any candy.

    Don’t rule it out… Anyhow, she didn’t say she wouldn’t eat candy–just that kids shouldn’t.

  7. Granny Jan: I think you are correct . . .

    Instead of knocking on the door for candy, POTUS would have Delta Force C/T ASSAULT FORCE fastrope to the roof, blow front door in, throw flashbangs, make entry, seize said plastic-wrapped, sugary substances (currently off limits in WH by order of FLOTUS) and fastrope back to heli. Card left on table in kitchen by entry team commander: “thanks for the butterfingers, and for your support. Barack Obama.”

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