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Obama Will Appear on the John Stewart Show

He’ll tape the show next next Wednesday. Also, he will, curiously, scale back his travel the week before the election. From a summary by POLITICO of a briefing for reporters by David Axelrod and communications chief Dan Pfeiffer.

President Obama will tape a segment on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” next week and hit the road the weekend before the midterm election, but he will otherwise be absent from the campaign trail in the homestretch to Nov. 2.

After returning Sunday from a four-day campaign swing out West, Obama will attend a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Rhode Island on Monday. He’ll then spend four of the days leading up to the election at the White House, two of his top aides said Tuesday when previewing the president’s schedule during a briefing for reporters.

Obama will tape his “Daily Show” appearance on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., while Stewart is in town for his Oct. 30 “Rally to Restore Sanity, ” said White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer. The interview will be shown Wednesday night

6 thoughts on “Obama Will Appear on the John Stewart Show”

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  2. I think this would be ok if Obama also sat down with the “enemy,” Glenn Beck, when Beck was in town for his rally over the summer, but sitting down with Stewart and legitimizing his “sanity” rally is just going to anger the rubes in flyover country all over again. I’m starting to think Obama is sowing the seeds of his own demise in a way that’ll allow him to escape blame (in his own mind) for all the failures history is going to saddle him with.

  3. Another ill-advised, bone-headed decision by the Prez.
    10%+ unemployment, millions of homes in foreclosure, 40 million Americans living on food stamps, soldiers dying overseas, the economy about to take a major dive, foreign nations ignoring or threatening the US and it’s allies, so the POTUS decides to appear on a obsenity riddled comedy show to crack wise.

  4. More must-miss TV. This will do what–restore sanity? Funny–I was feeling pretty lucid today. How about a bill? The Those Who Don’t Agree with Us IRS Audit Act. Austan? Any comments?

  5. brstevens,

    Good point.

    Obama will, like Clinton attempt to deflect blame for the November losses. Before the circular firing squad begins and the liberal rats begin to eat their young the WH will be placing blame on everyone else (including George Bush) for their loss.

    Talking with Beck? GREAT IDEA. He could have extended an olive branch, sat down with Beck and said hey, lets see where we agree and attempt to meet in the middle. That would have required Obama to be a real man, and since he is afraid of Beck (as he is of Clinton), there you go.

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