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Obama: Biden Will be on the Ticket

In an interview with National Journal, President Obama dismissed rumors that he will put Hillary Clinton on the ticket and make Vice President Biden Secretary of State, or send him out to pasture.

“Completely unfounded. Completely unfounded. Completely unfounded,” Obama said. “They are both doing outstanding jobs where they are.”

1 thought on “Obama: Biden Will be on the Ticket”

  1. There is only one person in the world that frightens the HELL out of Barack Obama and its not Osama Bin Ladin. It’s Hillary Clinton. She stared him down during the election, ran her campaign as one personal attack ad against him and VILLIFIED him in the Hillarista-led left-wing media.

    Hillarista’s even bore the brunt of the corrupt Obama 2008 Campaign in Texas where (as me and my partner watched) the Obamunist’s attempted to shut down a majority-filled Hillary Clinton Caucus at a middle school. I’m a fascist, right-wing Republican, but siting next to my partner I looked like the rest of the plantation gays at this event who came to caucus for Hillary Clinton. At this raucus caucus (which was better than a Hollywood thriller) I watched as both campaigns *ripped* into each other, with yelling, shouting and threats back and forth; the Obama Campaign tried to use the local police to scare the others away (“your cars are about to be towed”). We watched from our seats (wheres the popcorn?) as a lone, VERY upset lesbian (a Hillary acolyte) stood up from her seat and told the Obama campaign “spokesman” to shove it, tow our cars, were voting for Hillary. A thunderous cheer rose up from the auditorium. The Obama Campaign was flustered at this caucus … one lone lesbian had stood up against the Obama Brownshirts and lived to tell about it. But, eventually liberal guilt played its hand: Obama was elected by a small margin at our caucus.

    All across America, the Democratic Party was ripped in two: one side for Hillary, the other for Obama. I’ve heard other, similar stories of how the Obama Campaign used various tactics to shut down caucus’s, intimidation and threats. Then again, Obama’s from Chicago where corruption runs in the blood like brown or blue eyes.

    But secretly, deep down, Hillary is the enemy. So he had to keep his mouthy, innept, silly, pedantic, verbally-challenged Vice President on the ticket and grin and bear it.

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