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Is the White House Outright Lying About Health Reform?

This one is truly hard to fathom. The rules are that White house spinmeisters are aloud to shade the truth, mislead, and ignore facts in presenting their cases. But they are not allowed to tell outright lies. That’s the game they play with reporters.

But now we have, in a claim first noticed by the Wall Street Journal, what can only be described as a lie by longtime Democratic PR gal Stephanie Cutter. She’s in charge of spinning for special projects for the White House, which I assume includes health reform. Isn’t that special?

Here’s what she said.

For months, opponents of health reform have falsely claimed that the Affordable Care Act would lead to the taxation of health care benefits. The claim wasn’t true when the rumor first surfaced, it isn’t true today and it won’t be true tomorrow.

The Affordable Care Act, in case you are not keeping up with your Washington euphimisms, is health reform.

What’s the problem here? It is written in the law, and very well known to be written in the law, that taxes will in fact be applied down the road on “Cadillac health plans,” defined as ones with more than $10,200 in benefits. A 40 percent tax! This royally pissed off the unions, who have managed to put some of their members into Cadillac health care, but they eventually accepted the provision after negotiating the can down the road to 2018, when it will start.

Please Stephanie, tell half-truths, spin us, and give us only part of the story. But please don’t lie to us!

8 thoughts on “Is the White House Outright Lying About Health Reform?”

  1. Starting soon(?) your employer will have to put on your W-2 form the amount of health insurance payments made on your behalf by them. If you use the money set aside in your personal health insurance for over-the-counter drugs the amount will be taxable.
    If you work in a restaurant, the cost of the meals your employer provides for you are taxable income.
    It’s not a big leap to assume that the gov’t will tap into your “free” benefits for some loose change to “reduce the deficit”.

    Of course they lied. The penalty for not buying health insurance has now been exposed by the Feds as a “tax” . Being ‘taxed’ for NOT buying something is a unconstitutional concept that will eventually crash the whole Obamacare fiasco.
    However, if the courts uphold the Obamacare package…….
    Under Obamacare, as a self-employed entity who buys a private insurance policy and pays about $7,000 a year, you would be nuts to keep buying insurance when all you had to pay is a small penalty, say $500, and still be covered by Medicade. We will just collapse under the weight of this kind of entitlement and death panels might be considered and not just for Granny.

    The whole 2,000 plus page act includes requirements for the exchange of money, gold and services that aren’t really health related. They are there to provide the Feds with a way to follow the money and tax it.
    The Obamacare act is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that is a redistribution of wealth and a huge taxing monster.

    1. srdem65 – really good point. Once they see a “free” benefit or are taxing a benefit at any level they will naturally be looking to get more. The definition of a “rich” health plan will start to inch downward. Same thing will happen if we get a VAT tax – it will start low and creep up, just like the income tax did.

      And yes, the government is forcing you to purchase a product. It’s a major new precedent.

    1. Star, you are totally right. You won’t necessarily be able to keep your doctor, your current insurance, or any of it. And the whole thing does little or nothing to “bend the cost curve.”

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  3. Two of my clients have stated that their “government health care” is now 30% more expensive; one client stated that the childhood wellness exams are now 25% more expensive than before. The hard numbers have been given to them by their providers who told them the prices are going up, gummint or no gummint help.

    Welcome to Obamaland.

  4. My bro-in-law is a state cop retiree in AZ (pension, health, plus he has a $100K job now on top of it). Anyhow, my sister called about the new insurance package and the woman said, “Did you notice it’s really changed?” Oh, look, you pay a third of the hospital, there is a huge deductible, copays are $40 for all docs…etc. My sister said she could not go to the doc this yr–I said you will probably be better off.

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