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Obama Soaks Rich Washington DC Suburbanites

Here’s the take at an event tonight for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Rockville, Md.

From the pool report.

More on the event:
Attendees include Senators Barbara Mikulski and Benjamin Cardin

Hosts: Rajeev and Seema Sharma
According to a DSCC official:
Raised: $400,000
Ticket Prices:
$30,400 for VIP reception and photo reception
$15,200 for photo reception

2 Responses to Obama Soaks Rich Washington DC Suburbanites

  1. More capitalist dollars thrown into the bowels of the Marxist, anti-Semitic, racist, bigoted, anti-American, Democratic Party and its Socialist handlers. Thankfully, in November, the American people (who as a whole, cannot be bought) will cast millions of votes with nothing more than a thumb and fore-finger, *instantly* cancelling out millions and millions of these dollars.

    Liberal-Marxists … you keep giving … and dedicated, freedom-loving Americans will keep voting.

  2. We throw away the mailers without reading them, blank out the TV ads and don’t trust the MSM’s opinions. Cable TV and radio, neighbors, social clubs, co-workers and personal circimstance are driving this election, not money.