As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Gibbs Cancels Today’s Briefing

This has been happening recently. Maybe he doesn’t love us in the press anymore. I mean, IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE, ROBERT?

6 Responses to Gibbs Cancels Today’s Briefing

  1. “DC Bob” —-> oh my srdem! Thats a riot. A play on “Bagdad Bob” the goofy, fruitcake Iraqi “minister of information.” Bagdad Barack maybe the new way to describe our leader of disinformation. Or . . . maybe DJ Barack. Either are appropos.

  2. The Prez spoke directly to Black reporters on a conference call today, answering their questions. The WH must have used some version of the Skype system to verify the color of the reporters or had them swear to God that they were, indeed, Black.
    Perhaps tomorrow, he’ll speak directly to Southern Asian women reporters, then on to Inuit reporters, then on to Multiracial Hawaiian reporters, then on to Pre-transgendering reporters, etc.
    All you White guys and gals had your chance and you blew it.